You Have to Give a Little…Take A Little…And Let Your Poor Heart Break a Little

The American people won on August 2, 2011. We won, each and every one of us because all the cards, for both Republicans and Democrats, were spread neatly on the table, in their respective piles, for everyone to see. There is absolutely no ambiguity. All Americans, regardless to party or affiliation, has a pretty good idea what the elephants fight for, and what the donkeys fight for. There’s far less confusion now, than five or six months ago. It’s painfully clear teaparty kooks lead the POG party. Time after time whether in visits to their communities, in conference, or legislating in the house from a power position — they initiated bills that clearly laid out plans which have the opportunity to transform our nation from a democracy, to anarchy.

Now I realize this accusation requires further persuasion on my part to provide credibility to this heretofore wild accusation. And anarchy will be a natural byproduct of their policies, not an intentional deed. I promise to try and provide not so conclusive evidence later in this column. Right now I need to continue illustrating the difference between Dem’s and POG’s. Democrats for the most part understand the dire economic crisis that currently exists in our country. A majority of donkeys would have probably accepted a package with four trillion dollars in cuts, if 50% came from middle class, poor, and the downtrodden…and contrastly 50% came from ending the Bush Tax Cut; while charging admission for the free ride Richie Rich and Daddy Warbucks have with oil and gas subsidies, along with their Roger RamJETS. This is called equal participation and may have begun the process of bringing the United States back from the dead like a Phoenix.

But alas, teaparty poopers were the life of their own party, and became more of a life the more tea flavored moonshine they consumed. They produced legislation that worked against a greater number of Americans, than has even been dreamed of before. And I’m not talking about a wet dream either. Medi-Care, Medi-Caid, definition of rape, drill baby drill, and on and on and on. Recently, they were hell bent in destroying the EPA and Interior Department, which I discuss in a subsequent column. It’s all about saving money, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But they’re acting like bizarro world Robin Hood or Nibor Dooh. Who steal from the poor, and cater to the rich and infamous. What kind of mind comes up with robbing a homeless drunk, and giving his shoes to Daddy Warbuck’s pooch to chew on? What kind of heart permits him to see these thoughts through?

If every piping hot teaparty kook took one, or two, or three days to overview the Republican positions on just about everything, and compare it with Barack Obama’s vision, their teacups would be lukewarm. And if iced tea members took the same amount of time and spent the same amount of attention dissecting their party’s agenda, they’d come running to the center with the quickness.

I mentioned teaparty members as possibly creating an atmosphere that breeds anarchy, and I promised to make my case, and I will. You can’t simply remove the safety net from protective services, benefits for those in need, and a stairway from poor to middle class to wealthy and expect generation after generation to sit quietly playing tiddly winks. And as services require more and more law enforement, something’s got to give. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket, eventually the basket breaks, and nobody can make an omelet.

Again, I stress, teaparty kooks are not intending to create this type of atmosphere, but they will. It would be an accidental anarchy. But anarchy it will be, and our government, our nation would feel the same type of top heavy collapse as the Roman Empire. Think about it. How would you react if middle class status becomes a thing of the past?

But that’s neither here or now. We managed to get through the debt crisis intact. Sure some teapartiers are mad, and bleeding heart liberals are angry. But our President, and Democratic led Senate may have managed to lose our shirts, but we kept our pants. You know who has your best interest at heart. Contrastly you know who doesn’t give a rats derrier about your situation. So, get ready to bring your team home in the ’12.