You Can Forget the Past, but Eventually it Will Come Back to Haunt You!

The front door of Nancy’s apartment was mysteriously left wide open, this made Peter suspicious. And it wasn’t until he walked further into the flat that he began to shiver. All at once, Peter forgot about his fears, he stopped to listen; he detected movement coming from the end of the hall. Employing light footsteps, he continued moving about the apartment; the noises were coming from the back room. Quietly, Peter stopped in the doorway at the end of the hall. By the looks of it, this was Nancy’s home office, Peter struggled to identify the mysterious silhouette of a human form bustling through the shadow darkness, but he didn’t need any light source, to know who it was, he knew exactly who it was.

“Nancy, how could you do this to me, I trusted you?” Peter moved further into the office and suddenly, Mr. Benetti stepped into the light. From inside his coat pocket he pulled out a revolver. “I had a feeling one of you might figure this out, I’m just glad it was you, Peter, I wouldn’t want to have to kill such a pretty girl; sorry it had to be you, you had promise.” He wickedly laughed. “Why are you doing this? I thought you were my friend.” Peter pleaded. “What do you want me to say, Peter? I am a greedy man. Therefore, I have no need for friends, because I have all of the money I could want!” Benetti took a step forward, his gun was raised and he was prepared to shoot.

“You won’t be doing anything with anybody this century, Mr. Benetti!” A voice declared from behind, it was now Devlin’s turn to hold him at bay with the barrel of his gun, and it was aimed in his direction. Just because Devlin was working for the ghost chasers’ didn’t mean he was giving up his day job; he had snatched up a warrant for Benetti’s arrest on the way to Nancy’s apartment. Apparently Mr. Benetti was guilty of more than just attempted murder, but grand larceny too since 1973.

“Federico Benetti, you are under arrest for embezzlement and fraud, and now attempted murder.” Devlin smirked as he placed the hand cuffs on his wrists. “And now you’re coming with me.” He passed Benetti off to the two awaiting patrolmen standing in the doorway.

Peter stood in the center of the room, looking confused. Ora came next into the room just as they were leading Benetti away; she was happy to see Nancy standing beside him. “Peter, we’re sorry we had to do things this way, but after you left us, Nancy came looking for you. Somehow, she heard you were with us, Nancy is the one who informed us about Benetti’s thievery from the company and he was intending on blaming you.” Ora explained. Peter soon turned to Nancy. “But how did you know?”

“I came across some suspicious bank statements and receipts and when I recognized the charged receipts were in your name, I knew it wasn’t you, I’ve seen your office, Peter, it’s almost as bare as mine.” She laughed. “After she found the receipts, she hid them here where no one would ever find them, that is until she could inform the police.” Devlin said. “I thought you left with Benetti?” Ora remarked. “The two patrolmen had it under control, so I thought I’d come back.” Devlin shrugged.

Lastly, Peter turned to Nancy. “After all of this time, do you think we could still be friends?”

“Of course we can, Peter, I’ve always known you were incapable of such dishonesty.” Nancy smiled. It was the smile which won him over lifetimes ago, and at least this time they were able to escape their worst fate; both learned from the past experience, Mr. Benetti included. You can forget the past, but eventually it will come back to haunt you lifetime after lifetime, especially if you can’t get it right the first time.