Yellow Bass – Know Their Habitat, Favorite Baits and Lures

Yellow Bass get their name from the wonderful nice yellow color that makes up the majority of their main body, and even their eye color tends to be yellow. Sometimes do to water conditions such as the algae count, the main food source and other factors, the yellow bass has a slightly more greenish tint then yellow, but mostly they are nice and yellow, with a chalk-yellow colored belly.

Adult Yellow Bass are almost a foot long, and can weigh a couple pounds or more, they are great fighters and will put up a heck of a fight making for a great sport fish for anglers to catch when pole fishing for them. Their meat is nice and white, and is very tasty, it is often prepared by being baked, fried, smoked and more, a variety of seasonings can be added to make this tasty fish, even more appealing.

Yellow Bass can live just fine in reservoirs, lakes and rivers, and they love hanging around submerged items and debris like fallen trees, logs, old bridge piers and other such structures, in schools. When pole fishing for Yellow Bass, many anglers have had great success using such baits as crayfish, minnows and other live small fish, and even better luck using live insects such as grasshoppers and large crickets.

Fish for them with bait, by using a bobber suspended roughly 12 inches or slightly less above the bait, as Yellow Bass like feeding near the surface of the water or slightly under it, which may explain why they like insects as a bait, as most insects that fall into the water are eaten near the surface or slightly under it. When using lures for Yellow Bass, anglers have reported good luck with small shiny silver spoons, and spinners such as the Mepps Aglia Spinners, in all silver or gold color.

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