WWF Tag Team the New Age Outlaws Are Coming to Fall River, Massachusetts

As part of Degeneration X with Shawn Michaels and Triple H, The New Age Outlaws ran rough-shot over the World Wrestling Federation in the late 90’s. As an integral part of the “attitude” era, “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn and “Road Dogg” Jesse James redefined what is was to be a popular “babyface” tag team. Stone Cold Steve Austin gets major credit for redefining an era of professional wrestling, as he should. However, The New Age Outlaws should also get some credit.They too, were a redefining force in the tag team division. They were to the tag team division what Stone Cold was to the singles division.

Several years after departing World Wrestling Federation, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, The New Age Outlaws are still tearing down barriers all across the nation. The team still take several bookings a year for independent wrestling organizations all over the world. And despite a stint in Spike TV’s “TNA Wrestling” as the “Voodoo Kin Mafia,” Gunn and James are best known for their days on top of the WWF mountain top. The former multi-time tag team champions continue to live up to their hype as the greatest tag team of the 90’s. Each time they step into the squared circle, they still give the fans a show that only DX members can.

And they plan to bring that show to Fall River, Massachusetts on June 10th 2011. Top Rope Promotions, the longest running wrestling organization in New England, will feature The New Age Outlaws in their headline match, as they face stiff competition against “Brutal” Bob Evans and “The Ladies Man” Gregory Edwards. Bob Evans and Gregory Edwards are no slouches either. Bob Evans is a well-known figure across the nation, as he is currently part of the Ring Of Honor roster and featured on many of their live events. In addition, Mr. Evans has trained some of the top stars in the sport today. His partner Gregory Edwards has spent the last 10 years wrestling all over New England and has held many local championships, including several tag team championships. The tag team specialist hopes his knowledge in team competition will give him a little bit of an edge that other opponents of The New Age Outlaws haven’t been privy to.

In addition to the marquee main event, the Top Rope Promotions heavyweight championship will be on the line when challenger Matt Taven takes on Tommaso Ciampa. This is a rematch from April’s big Anniversary event. Tommaso barely squeaked out a win over Taven in April. It took an underhanded tactic on Tommaso’s part to keep Taven down for the count. When the referee was distracted, Tommaso grabbed the TRP heavyweight belt and walloped Taven from behind, and got the easy pin on the unconscious challenger. Taven has been clamoring for a fair and just 1 on 1 encounter with Tommaso since December 2010 when Tommaso stole the heavyweight championship from Taven during the 30 Man Spindle City Rumble. Taven continues to call out Tommaso as being afraid to wrestle him 1 on 1, without any outside interference or foreign objects. In fact, Taven had a chance to hit Tommaso with the belt and win the belt in April, but opted not to attain the cheap win. Taven is hell bent on defeating Tommaso fairly, and proving he is the superior athlete. Commissioner Spike Dudley, acting on pressure from Taven’s fans, has assigned two referees for their match on June 10th 2011 to ensure Tommaso does not use any underhand tactics this time around to achieve another tainted win.

Newly crowned Interstate Champion Vinny Marseglia will defend his title against former champion “The Maestro” Guy Alexander. Vinny won the title in an Epic 8 Man Ladder Match. “The Maestro” has claimed the victory was a “complete fluke”, and he will prove that Vinny is a “1 night chump” when he reclaims his title on June 10th.

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett will see action when he takes on Scott Reed. Bennett has been embattled in an ongoing feud with former student Matt Magnum. Bennett soundly defeated Magnum at the April 8th Anniversary event. However, even in defeat, Magnum returned to the ring and blasted Mike with a steel chair. After the vicious attack, Commissioner Spike Dudley declared a 3 month cooling off period between the 2 wrestlers. However, Magnum has stated he is not done with Mike Bennett and will not rest until he defeats his teacher. Magnum feels that Bennett played favorites during wrestling training and never gave Magnum the proper acknowledgment. Now Magnum wants nothing more than to prove to Mike Bennett that he never needed him, and will succeed without him. Matt Magnum will also be in action when he takes on ½ of the tag team The Social Networkerz, Lukas Sharp.

The other half of The Social Networkerz tag team, Shane Alden, will also see one on one competition on June 10th. Shane and his brother Eric Alden will finally face off in the squared circle. Eric has been going through a transition as of late and has completely disowned his brother Shane. Close friends and family have stated that Eric Alden has been going through some mental stresses that have caused a complete breakdown. Unfortunately, Shane has had to take the brunt of Eric’s new outlook on life. Shane has said he’s going to “beat the sanity back into Eric.”

All these matches, plus Top Rope Promotions stars Gino Giovanni, The Freakshow, Jason Blade and Marshall McNeil will all see action on the June 10th mega event. Tickets are available by visiting www.TopRopePromotions.com or calling 508-525-1866. Don’t miss out on this great night of professional wrestling action.