World of Warcraft Cataclysm – Quests in Felwood – Dousing the Flames of Protection

This World of Warcraft Cataclysm guide will cover the quest Dousing the Flames of Protection. You can find various images related to this quest by clicking the numbers by the thumbnail above and the thumbnail itself to view the full size the image.

Horde and Alliance Quest: Dousing the Flames of Protection
This quest is available to players at level 44 (yellow), turns green at level 49, and will eventually turn grey at level 56.

How to attain Dousing the Flames of Protection
Horde and Alliance: The Quest Giver is Andalar Shadevale in Jaednar in Felwood, Kalimdor at (36.2, 58.2). This quest comes after Purity from Corruption.

Quest Briefing
“The braziers are spread throughout Shadow Hold. Enter the tunnel into Shadow Hold, and follow it through the underground passageways. Douse each of the brazier’s flames and the protections the Council has set up will fall for at least a short period of time.

Dousing the Flames of Protection Objectives
Use the Purified Moon Well Water to douse the four Braziers of Protection within Shadow Hold.

Money Rewards: 1 Gold 30 Silver
Reputation Rewards: none
Item Rewards: Belt of the Lost Barrow, Jade Green Spaulders, Sanctuary Pauldrons or Emerald Orb
Xp: You will be awarded with 7,200 experience upon completing this quest.

Dousing the Flames of Protection requires that you find four different braziers within the area of Shadow Hold and douse them using the Purified Moonwell Water you are granted upon accepting. The first object is the Brazier of Pain, located right next to the spawn point of Prince Xavalis and coordinates (36.9, 55.9). Brazier number two is of Hatred and located right nearby the first one, up the ramp leading further into Shadow Hold. The last two braziers are also right next to each other, a few more rooms deeper into Shadow Hold at the coordinates (38.2, 52.5) will be both of your targets directly across from each other in a rather large and open room. Once you’ve doused all 4, complete the remaining tasks you have in Shadow Hold then return to Wildheart point to turn the quest in to Greta Mosshoof.

Completion Message
“With the Braziers gone, the druids of the Emerald Circle can enter Shadow Hold and clear out the last of the cultists. In time, it may even be used as the barrow den it once was. You have my thanks, *Your Name*. Please take this reward.”