Woman Explains Why She Sent Pig Foot to Congress

As a follow up to the story last week about Jameela Barnette, the Marietta woman who allegedly mailed a pig foot to Rep. Peter King and a Curious George doll to N.Y. state Senator Greg Ball, Examiner.com spoke with Mrs. Barnette to find out just why she sent the packages to the lawmakers. In the story last week, Examiner.com detailed how Barnette was accused of sending anti-Semitic and anti-Christian letters along with a bloody pig foot and a stuffed Curious George doll emblazoned with anti-Semitic references. The story was simultaneously published on CaptainKudzu.com, where Jameela left several comments.

Mrs. Barnette says that her name is Jameela Barnette, in spite of initial reports that her first name was Jacquelyn. She is married with two daughters and one granddaughter. She is originally from California, but now lives in Marietta.

Mrs. Barnette confirms that she did send the letters, the pig foot, and the monkey to Rep. King and Sen. Ball. She provided copies of the letters sent to the lawmakers. As initially reported the letters would be deemed offensive and insulting, and probably alarming as well, by most people.

Mrs. Barnette was reportedly a blogger, but says that she does not have her own blog. She says that she posts on anti-Muslim websites such as Jihad Watch and Creeping Sharia. She has provided several examples of her “revelations,” some of which will be attached to this article as comments.

When asked whether she believes that her mailings broke the law, Mrs. Barnette states that she is certain that she did not. She states that she attended law school for a semester and that one of her daughters and a son-in-law are attorneys. She says that she does not have a prior criminal record and that she still has not been contacted by law enforcement. She does say that she sent Rep. King an email on a prior occasion. The congressman contacted the U.S. Capitol police, who then contacted Mrs. Barnette. She says that the matter never went any further. She also provided the author with a copy of a letter sent to Attorney General Eric Holder in November 2010 accusing Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) with treason for pledging allegiance to Israel. This letter can also be seen in a Facebook posting.

According to inquiries with the U.S. Capitol police and the N.Y. State Police, the matter is under investigation. The F.B.I. declined to comment and the Marietta Police Department and G.B.I. say that they are not aware of the case. The letters are rife with hateful speech and insults, including an invitation for Rep. King to ” kiss my black, Muslim-American a– ” and a prophecy that Sen. Ball will contract prostate cancer, but seem to stop short of overt threats. She seems to have tried to avoid breaking the law, even while pushing the law’s limits to make her point.

What was her point exactly? In her words, “My only goal was to warn them of the coming torment of their Lord.” Mrs. Barnette is a Hanif Muslim. Hanif Islam’s adherents believe that it is a pure form of Islam that was originally practiced by Abraham, the Biblical patriarch. Hanifs are neither Sunni nor Shia. They reject the hadiths, traditions of the sayings and actions of Muhammad outside the Quran that are accepted by Sunnis and Shiites.

Mrs. Barnette says, “There is only one branch of Islam and it is called Hanif Islam, the religion of Abraham, who was a pure Muslim. Those who break themselves into sects (i.e. Shia and Sunni) have disobeyed their Lord, Allah, therefore there is no Shia and Sunni, only disobedient wanna-be [sic] Muslims.”

Mrs. Barnette, who typically signs her name with the terms “Messenger of Allah and Defender of Islam,” says that she does not attend a mosque because “because I choose not to be in the company of compliant and cowardly Muslims, who are not Muslims [emphasis hers] because they consider themselves ‘Moderate’ Muslims and they have compromised their religion away.”

Interestingly, Mrs. Barnette says that she used to be Jewish. She says that she attended Ohr Hatorah Synagogue in the Los Angeles area when she lived in California. After reading the Quran, she became convinced that it represented absolute truth. She says that both of her daughters still practice Judaism. Mrs. Barnette now believes the words of the Quran when it says that Jews were transformed by Allah into “monkeys and swine” (Surah 5:60).

Mrs. Barnette answers with a simple “yes” when asked if terrorist attacks and suicide bombings are justified. When asked whether she has any connection to groups that use violence or terror, she says,”Yes. By virtue of my citizenship, I am a citizen of the biggest terrorist group in the annals of history, the United States of America.”

She says that she does not hate the United States, however. “How can I hate the country that my ancestor’s slave labor built? I consider myself to be the Last American Patriot. Just because I don’t agree with the majority of Americans on foreign policy, doesn’t mean I hate my country. I love the country that my ancestor’s slave labor built. And on the Day of Resurrection, you will learn the majority was wrong about religion” [emphasis hers].

Whether she hates the U.S. or not, Mrs. Barnette would like to see it changed. She says that she would like to see Islamic law, referred to as sunnah, imposed on the United States, although she doesn’t believe it will happen in her lifetime. She quotes a hadith verse which says that “all mankind will be required to embrace Islam with no other alternative” (Abu Dawud 37:4310). Her letter to Rep. King looks toward a future where “America will be a bright, Muslim-friendly America, it will be an America where white b—–s will name their sons Mohammad and those former, blond-haired, blue-eyed, bible-belt b—–s will veil their dirty-white faces and the faces of their dirty-white daughters…” She says that America’s only option is to “accept defeat and embrace Islam.”

When asked who she voted for in the 2008 presidential election, Mrs. Barnette says that her vote for Barack Obama was “the worst mistake I can recall making in recent history. I miss President George Bush, as do most Americans.”