Why the Nintendo Wii U Will Trump the Success of the Original Wii Console

5 years ago [2006] Nintendo released one of the most revolutionary gaming devices in the history of gaming consoles, the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii introduced motion controlled gaming to “the masses” and changed the face of the gaming industry permanently — and left lots of gamers and consumers wondering how Nintendo would follow up with their top selling Wii console. During E3 2011, Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Wii U console and it is set to blow the original out of the water when it is released in 2012.

Updated Graphics and Hardware

The original Wii won fans [and casual gamers] over with its innovative games and new spin on gameplay, but its “Achilles’ Heel” was its graphics and gaming hardware. The original Wii console was set to compete with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but had gaming hardware that didn’t fit right in this console era — with its low 420p max video resolution, inferior graphics card, processor, and virtually everything else under the hood.

The new Nintendo U console’s hardware will remedy the problems of Nintendo’s recent past by supporting 1080p video output [including HDMI output], upgrading to a multi-core microprocessor, supporting up to four USB 2.0 connections, and clocking up the gaming capabilities with an AMD Radeon based High Definition GPU.

The Nintendo WiiMote has Been Outclassed

The WiiMote controller for the original gaming system was one of the most revolutionary controllers to ever hit the gaming scene [and also served as the muse for Microsoft’s Kinect and the PlayStation Move] and had lots of gaming fans wondering how Nintendo would ever be able to “1-up” the innovation of the original WiiMote — but they’ve more than outdid themselves with the new Nintendo Wii U controller.

The new Nintendo console features a touchscreen gaming pad that tracks motion, can serve as a television screen for the gaming console, sports a camera, microphone, and inbuilt stereo speakers, packs a stylus for more precision-based gaming and changes the face of what’s possible in gaming.

Backwards Compatibility

One of the main reasons that the new Nintendo Wii U console will blow the “old” Nintendo Wii out of the water is simply the fact that this all-new system is totally backwards compatible with Nintendo’s previous top-seller. The Wii U can play games, supports previous controllers, and will even allow DLC content from its predecessor to work natively.

Unlimited Capabilities

The original Wii changed the way games are currently being played, but the new Nintendo system will more than trump its predecessor by not only changing how games are played, but by also adding lots of other features that were impossible on previous consoles. The added stylus, microphone, camera, added storage and graphics, and the overall way the new Wii U controller and console work together will make the new Nintendo console more than just a gaming system. The Wii U can be used to enhance fitness games, action games, sports games and more, browse the web, used a platform to communicate with friends, and lots of other cool things that’ll be unveiled as developers get their hands on this new gadget.