Why the Nintendo Wii U Might Be a Bigger Failure Than the Original Wii

The original Nintendo Wii console got off to a great start, but as the motion control gimmick got old and was “borrowed” by Sony and Microsoft the original Wii started gathering dust and became useless. Much like the original, the Nintendo Wii U is set to start off with early success — but several key factors will also see that it lives a shorter life than the original.

Too Little Too Soon

One of the main flaws with Nintendo original gaming console was the fact that Nintendo didn’t think too far ahead in the future. The Wii introduced motion gaming to the masses and captured the hearts of lots of casual gamers, but it underestimated the hardware capabilities of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. The new Nintendo console has undergone lots of graphic and power upgrades under the hood — and has even been projected as being 50% more powerful than the PlayStation 3 — but who cares? It’s very easy to compare next gen consoles to current-gen consoles, but there’s really no telling what PlayStation, Microsoft, or even Apple will release in the future — that could make the new Wii as inferior in the future as the present day one is.

It’s Not an Entertainment Center

The first Wii shocked the gaming community with its innovative gaming style, but it lacked the very same thing that the new console doesn’t deliver — family entertainment. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can play games very well, but also serve as media players for the entire family to enjoy. One of the biggest areas of improvement for the new Nintendo console was to add DVD and Blu-ray playing capabilities, but both were left out of Nintendo’s next gen console — and it could really hurt the console in the long run.


To be fair, the retail price values for the Wii U have yet to be released to the public, but just by simply looking at the thing, it’s easy to tell that it’ll cost a pretty penny. The original Wii offered a cool gaming system at a relatively affordable price, but looking at the “U’s” upgraded hardware and advanced controller, there’s really no telling how costly a new controller or game will cost on this advanced system — but it’s looks pricey so far.

It Might Be Too Innovative

Both the new and old Wii are innovative, but the original was built on the fact that most people swung their controllers around in excitement while playing games in the past, but I’m not sure if anyone ever had the desire to look down at their controller and television screen at the same time or felt the need to play on a “living-room” console with a tablet sized controller in the past. The Wii U is ahead of its time, but while it appears to be a cool console, it also appears to be a bit too impractical for the current gaming marketplace.