Why Progressive is the Only Auto Insurance for Me

Every state in the U.S. now requires automobile insurance. Before running across Progressive, I had been very unhappy with the rates. Now I have had Progressive insurance for more than years and have never found a better rate. I have not had many problems, and the ones I have found were small compared to other companies. Having moved to different areas, this has caused few issues, but a few bumps in the road still. I have had up to three vehicles on my policy to just one vehicle. I have had full coverage to just the basic minimum required by law. Other options I have asked for were the glass part of the policy (covers any glass breakage in the vehicle), roadside assistance and a rental car in case of a wrecked undriveable car in a vehicle accident.

I found cheaper rates at Progressive than any other automobile insurance company. I was very disappointed when I moved because each time that I moved, my rates increased. Progressive said it was not them dictating the costs, but it was affected by where I lived. I not sure why each area would have different rates! So I am paying $75 more now for minimal state coverage than I was before I ever moved. After a divorce, expect your rates to go up as well.

I have had the roadside assistance for $3 extra each month since beginning my coverage there, but the one time I really needed it, they said it had lapsed. My first wreck and we were stranded with no roadside assistance coming. We used it previously numerous times for flat tires on the interstate, and it was so beneficial to have it. Roadside assistance is easy to reach by calling 1-800-Progressive. What is not easy is that they ask for your policy number. When in need of roadside assistance due to a wreck, I can’t see many people being able to remember this off the top of their head. Customer service can look it up, but it takes forever.

The lapse occurred when I moved. I could not find an agent nearby. I did not realize I could call in and pay over the phone or transfer all of my information over the phone. I never found an agent nearby, but now have the payments automatically taken out of my bank account each month and call if I have any questions. Once I had everything in order, somehow my roadside assistance fell off my coverage and no one realized it until the accident. The customer service agent at Progressive must have overlooked adding it to my policy again.

All in all, I have been happy with Progressive. They were the cheapest rate for car insurance that I could find. Their roadside assistance has been prompt and paid for by them after my $3 a month. Since we live in the boonies now, once they had no one to come quickly and said it would take more than two hours. By then, we had gotten assistance. There is no limit on the number of times roadside assistance can help as other places have. Their service online is wonderful for checking your coverage, checking for prices on additional coverage and adding a vehicle. You can also start or stop automatic payments online. Calling Progressive will not stress you out because they pick up quickly 24 hours a day and speak English! If you do not have an agent nearby, you can get coverage online or over the phone.