Why My Smart Phone, Droid 2 Global, Beats Your Smart Phone

For Christmas gifts last year for my sister and I, smart phones were what we both wanted. My sister got the Droid Incredible and I got the Droid 2 Global. Not only did it take lots of research to decide which phone to purchase but also which service provider to go with was extremely important due to the data plans you have to purchase for your smartphones. Since I have a family plan, Sprint had the best overall package price, you pay a flat rate with all phone included; most of the other providers, you paid for the data plan separate for each phone making it very costly for family plans with more than two cell phones. I had been with Verizon for eight years and did not want to switch so I called them and they agreed to match their competitors’ price and give me a nice family plan package for my smartphones.

I choose the Droid 2 over all the other phones solely on the fact it was the only smart phone at the time with a full slide keyboard. All the other smartphones only have the touch screen display keyboards, me being an avid texter, the slide out keyboard gave it a huge advantage over all the other smartphones. The Droid 2 also has the swype feature on the touch screen keyboard, giving it another plus over the Droid Incredible phone. Since I have had the Droid 2, most people I come in contact with say they wished their smartphone had a slide out keyboard.

One draw back to the slide out keyboard is that it makes it hard to get a sleek good protection cover for the phone. It has two separate parts; you must buy two separate covers, a top and a bottom, making it impossible to get a slim silicon case. Most cases are big bulky and hard, which doesn’t make it to easy to stick in your pocket after you attach the huge cover. My phone only has only the invisible shield on it and I have a few scratches due to dropping it and not having a huge cover on it. The Droid Incredible is better here; they make tons of sleek silicon colorful cases that don’t make the phone any bigger and still protect it. My sister has her cover on it and has dropped it a few times, leaving the phone looking untouched or damaged at all.

As for displays, the Incredible seems to have a leg up over my Droid 2, it has better widget displays and screen shots, along with better social applications. I’ve noticed that on the Droid 2 the Facebook application doesn’t update my contacts photos ever. With the Incredible social applications seem to all sync easily and through the phone perfectly. The Droid 2 needs more manual syncing, I have had to re-sync my email and Facebook contacts a few times, while on the Droid Incredible my sister has not had one single syncing error with any of her accounts.

Since Apple released its’ I phone to Verizon I have been contemplating switching to it. The fact that I have an Apple computer makes me think I will want the I phone to making them compatible with each other. But I don’t know how necessary that is for me personally. A coworker of mine has one and I occasionally play around on it to see how I like it. I don’t seem too crazy over the overall layout of the phone, the widgets aren’t as quick referenced, more like you must click on the application and open it, not like all the little windows and widgets you can place on a Droid smartphone making it more customizable in my eyes.

Overall I am extremely happy with my Droid 2 smartphone and still feel it is superior to most of the other smart phones because of its slide out keyboard. During an age were texting is the main source of communication I would say it will continue to give it an edge over all the others smart phones. For that reason alone I will be upgrading my phone to the new Droid 2 when my contract is up.