Why Lance Armstrong and Not Alberto Contador?

It seems constantly Lance Armstrong is being brought up in the news about doping, and usually it dies down after awhile and then eventually picks up again. Its the never ending last stage of the tour for Lance. Every piece of news I read on every blog and every paper speaks as if Lance Armstrong is already guilty? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I am a believer in evidence, and currently there is no hard evidence that points to Lance Armstrong being a doper. All the blogs News shows, and newspapers who are all crying out Lance doped all are citing the same so called “facts”.

Word of mouth, “he said, she said” is not good reporting, and word of mouth alone is not enough evidence to prove anything especially when all the finger pointing is coming from Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton. Yes, the “60 Minutes” interview did mention George Hincapie as another rider who has spoken out about Lance but Hincapie on his own twitter account tweeted after the “60 Minutes” interview that, ” I can confirm to you I never spoke with “60 Minutes.” I have no idea where they got their information.”

My biggest problem with cycling right now is not if Lance has or has not cheated. My question is why is everyone going after Lance Armstrong at this time while Alberto Cantador has in fact failed a test and is still riding? Alberto Contador tested positive for Clenbuterol in the 2010 Tour de France, and won the race. Let me also point out that Clenbuterol is a zero tolerance no minimum threshold drug. What that means, is it does not matter how little of the drug is in your system, if you have any you have failed the drug test. Also I should point out that in cycling it is a minimum two year ban if you fail your first drug test for doping. So then why is Alberto Contador still ridding? He won the Giro, and is slated to ride in the 2011 Tour de France yet he failed a drug test.

I bring this all up because Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis, known drug takers claim they suddenly have a good conscience and want to clean up the sport of cycling. Putting aside the fact that Lance Armstrong has never failed a drug test, how is going after him now, years after his last Tour de France win going to help clean up the sport. The fact is Contador is known for failing a drug test and has kept his title for winning the Tour de France and still continues to ride and will be riding the Tour de France again in a few months. If Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis want to clean up the sport, take out the guys who are tarnishing cycling’s reputation right now.