Why Can’t I Keep a Budget

Money, money, money it’s what we as a society are always thinking about, the whole world for that matter. Sometimes I know that I’d like to just hide on a deserted island and be free from my obsession with money, but I know that’s not going to happen. We can’t hide from our currency woes forever, they will find us! It seems these days that we are all in debt of some kind I know I am. It also seems that the way of the world is to keep me that way.

Discipline, discipline, discipline is the most obvious answer to my problems, only problem is I hate discipline. I want to save money in my bank account just like anyone else, but I also want to spend my hard earned money every chance I get. In these times there are so many things to buy its overwhelming. Society tells me I need to buy all of these things I probably don’t need, but I still buy them. I just can’t help myself, discipline is so hard to maintain. It seems to me that almost everything is an advertisement these days.

Who do I blame for my spending habits? Well that’s a matter of opinion. Some would say I should blame my parents, others say society, and others still say it’s my own fault. The answer is all three sources. Environment is the biggest factor for my spending habits. I see the conservativeness of my parents, I can tell when society is talking me into it, and I can also see when I’m developing my own pattern. I accept these factors and do my best to monitor what I’m doing with my finances.

The biggest questions I ask myself is what can I do about this problem? Also is this even a problem at all for me? And can my current income support my current spending habits? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to answer these questions but it seems that I’ve gotten smarter with age. I don’t see to many elderly people that don’t have their finances in order. So maybe there is hope. I would like to be this wise now though; I can only try my best.

I’ve spent my fair share of money in my short lifetime. I am slowly starting to realize how to live within my means financially. I can try, try, try all I want, but if I don’t have discipline I will have money woes. I have to resist advertising and keep my mind trained. I am still young, but the world is only becoming more provocative every day. No one can tell you what to do with your earnings when you become an adult, all they can do is give you advice. What I and the rest of the people in the world do with our money is ultimately only up to each individual. I will stay diligent and hopefully make the best of my money.