Where to Purchase Organic Groceries in the High Desert

As an organic grocery fanatic I have purchasing organic groceries in the High Desert down to a science. The top stores in the High Desert which sell organic groceries include: Vons, BJ’s health food, Super Target, Winco, Costco, and Fresh and easy. Lets take a look at each individual store and the organic groceries that I purchase at each store.
Vons: Purchasing Organic Groceries at Vons is not my first choice. In fact, I rarely go to Vons unless I see something organic in their advertisement. While their prices are fairly competitive in some areas such as organic dairy products, some of their other items are extremely high priced. Vons is the store you go to when every other store did not have an organic grocery product you were looking for.

Super Target: I love, love, love Super target for Organic groceries. Super target has a good selection of gluten-free, organic, hormone free, and free-range products. In virtually every area rather its organic grocery dairy products, or organic snacks for your kids they have it covered. I personally buy numerous Annie’s products at Super Target such as Organic spaghettios, organic fruit snacks, and organic cereal. Every kid loves a special treat now and then and Super Target has the largest most affordable selection when it comes to organic snack foods. Super target also has a pretty decent selection of Organic Produce. Although, personally I would stay away from berries of any kind as their price on these is often very high.

Costco: Go to Costco for your organic eggs, and organic berries frozen or fresh. Costco has a large selection of organic groceries you just have to look carefully. Costco sells dirt cheap organic peanut butter and organic preserves. If you are looking for organic groceries to make smoothies Costco is the place for you. Costco offers Organic milk at a good price however they only currently offer Fat Free. Purchasing organic groceries at Costco requires a membership card. However, the amount of money you can save by purchasing organic groceries is more than worth the charge.

Winco: Do not purchase organic produce at Winco, just don’t do it. I cannot remember a time when I purchased organic produce from winco and was satisfied with the outcome. Purchase your organic broth and/or soup at winco. Mainly, I would go to winco to purchase organic groceries in bulk. Winco offers bulk purchasing in the forms of self service bins. Some of the organic groceries available include, organic sugar, organic and specialty flour, organic nuts, organic snacks, organic candy, organic chocolate and other common bulk items. The savings when buying in bulk is substantial, if you have the time and patience to purchase and properly store bulk organic groceries this is the store for you.

Fresh and Easy: Fresh and easy is one of those,” I might as well stop in ” types stores. They have a number of organic items at fair prices. It is not the type of store I go out of my way to go in to. If you are in the area, stop in and pick up some organic bean dip, you won’t regret it! Otherwise, their is probably another store listed in this review that has comparable or better prices and a much larger selection.

Lastly, Bj’s health food store. There are numerous BJ’s locations in the high desert. Because BJ’s is a health food store you can find just about anything you want if you are willing to pay for it. If you are on a strict budget stay away. You will only be tempted to purchase organic goods that are not budget friendly. It has been my experience that if you were to drive to a store such as Trader Joe’s which is approximately 50 miles each way you could add the cost of gas to your organic grocery bill and still save money by not shopping at Bj’s.

In conclusion, buying organic groceries in the high desert is possible even if you are on a budget. Look for coupons which do not exclude organic and you will be on your way to eating organic on a processed budget. Willing to travel? Hit up Trader Joes, located in Rancho Cucamonga off of the 210 Interstate.