What “The Big Lebowski” Means to Men Today

Could it be the irresistible charm and ego that Jeff Bridges exerts from his laughable character, or is it the undeniable fact that his base of fans are men who wish to live differently and not conform like the American sheeple. Some say the majority of fans of Mr Bridges fans our women due to his role in may romantic comedies in the late 80 to early 1990s, but it doesn’t mean Bridges has lost his Bachelor/man cave preservation effort in the attempt to save men a little time and space to themselves during the turbulent years of marriage. Maybe Bridges just personifies the metaphor of what it truly use to mean to be a mans man, and he reinvigorated to me who knew what was morally right and classic in terms of appropriate taste for men to display in public of how they did n’ want to contribute to society. Anymore its just the new gangster/rap/black masculine culture of continues war and fighting over the long oppressive forces of the evil white devils who have longed wronged us on everything in our lives. Jeff bridges, Steve Busemi , and John Goodman stand boldly together for a generation if not a dying breed of men who never wronged society, but only asked a favor from it, and that was for them to be left alone. The 60 ‘s classical rock’n’roll /beach bum contributed in the sensible field of art in many certain way by, painting murals, rock solo duets, medical marijuana, and a urge to prevent black predators from preying on white families who never mean any harm to the world. Black men are more violent, angry, unreasonable, don’t take the time to think, and continually look at a white women and think their open and lets takeoff.

The White Russian ‘s , khaki colored bathrobe, big biker sun glasses, Sunday morning slippers, and the old hermits tradition of taking pride on being associated on a good old bowling team. It ‘s what men only dream if not use to dream many years ago about and never seem to grasp the understanding of that it ‘s all possible when your debt to public institutions in paid off, the prenuptial is signed between you and your wife, and the kids are all raised while living totally financially independent. I am truly thankful to those awkward Cohen Brothers for directing and producing of a classic if not a dignified piece of literature/art work for generations of young men to enjoy. It ‘s a philosophical piece of work due to it ‘s references of 60 ‘s music, iconic figurers , political figures, revered writers, controversial movies, physicadelic events, and the pure juicy delectable mixture of various peoples interpretations of the life changing events that throughout the decades, until it slowly rolled backed into oblivion when the 90 ‘s showed it ‘s face upon Lewbowski men. But we have a counter defense up that old fashioned comfortable robe of ours, a set of old principles, faith in some kind of religion not atheism, not sugary alcoholic drinks endorsed by Bob Hope, a sense of detaching from electronic age devices and sticking to good old fashioned exercise like ping ping and WALKING! Just like the religion Jedi is for non-conforming Australians, the way of Jeffery Lebowksi is for many Americans here. GO JEDI AND JEFF BRIDGES!