What is Your Ultimate Success?

One’s ultimate success implies a complete success beyond which there is no need for more striving. Success can be material, financial, social or spiritual. Editor Frederick Mann made an interesting point about achieving ultimate success. “TO WIN IN LIFE YOU NEED ADVANTAGES,” he wrote. “Many advantages are likeelusivelevers you can use to increase your ability to do what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. But you need to find a place to stand, and discover the right levers for you and learn how to use them.”

While the author was referring to many different types of advantages and many types of places, including social and business opportunities, one author recently focused on the concept of place and success in a different way. Author Great Sun elucidated on the concept of place in his Viking book,”Super Life Secret Codes.” He began by talking about proximity in a negative sense. Putting distances from people who are poisonous can be very helpful as it avoids a drain of negative energies. And then he stated the positive. Drawing on teachings from Feng Shui, the Chinese art of domestic design, Great Sun wrote that many people achieve a great success in life when they find a good home to live in. In his years of observing homes and people, the author found that many homeowners’ luck changed in a minute when they found the right house. And yet, he writes, “after viewing thousands of homes, I have found that only 10 percent have a positive energy effects.”

What is it about a home that affects us? According to the author it’s the “design, color, smell, light, walls, carpet, furniture, and other details, which together form the energy field of the home. Even the history of a house has an influence. While there are techniques for “space clearing” in modern Feng Shui, the author points out that living in a home that has been associated with trouble or conflict can be very draining.

Everyone, according to Great Sun, has a place in the world which is their most auspicious place for connecting to the Universe and to be successful. The concept may surprise many who are immersed in our fast paced modern world. Today’s job applicant, for example, is trained to apply to many different positions and take the one that he can get into and make the best of it. A couple looking for a new house will visit many homes. They will take the nicest one they can afford, and make the best of it. Make the best of it is an adage of modern living, and makes it hard to believe that each of us has one unique place that is right for us. And yet, there are people who live in one place and work somewhere else or vacation somewhere else, and when they are at that place, they feel they are home. When they return to their “home,” they wistfully relate to the other place in their dreams.

The point becomes clearer if we look at royalty, people who are models of success. Royals and nobles may travel around a lot, but they also have homes and castles to return to that have been in their family for centuries. Within the main castle of the country is the throne of the King and Queen. These hereditary leaders are the center of their culture, and the throne is the center of their home. Everything is based on place. The throne is the proper seat for the King and Queen, and when they take their seat on the throne, then they are most able to connect to the Universe because they are in the right place for themselves. The word success is even related etymologically to the word succession. Who is more successful than a Prince who succeeds a King or Queen of a Kingdom? He not only inherits the throne, he inherits tremendous wealth, power and authority.

While achieving this success may be easy for wealthy royals, Great Sun, challenges every reader to find the place that is right for him and to connect to the Universe. When you find the place that is right for you and create a connection to it, you can achieve your ultimate success.