Weinergate: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Looks like New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner is joining the ever growing list of our political leadership ensnarled in controversy. A lewd picture was sent to a Washington State college student allegedly from Weiner’s Twitter account. Clearly the press can’t get a straight answer from the Congressman or his office on this issue.

Spokesmen for Weiner say the Twitter account was hacked, Weiner denies sending the picture and he is unclear whether the picture is of him. Wiener was clearly angry at CNN’s Capitol Hill producer Ted Barrett calling Barrett a “jack-ass”. Barrett flat out asked Weiner if he sent the picture and the normally talkative Congressman did not provide a straight answer.

Weiner is a seasoned politician having worked for Congressman Charles Schumer for a number of years before running for the NYC Council in 1991. Weiner was elected to the City Council twice and then ran for Congress in 1998 replacing Schumer who was elected to the US Senate.

Up to now Weiner has not engaged the Capital Police or the FBI to investigate any incident of hacking. Communications by Weiner and his staff to the press has been vague at best.

Weiner is a long term Democrat and a supporter on a number of President Obama’s initiatives including last year’s healthcare legislation. Weiner has strong ties to Senator Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton. I have yet to see his fellow Democrats circle the wagons in his defense and the absence of public support speaks loudly.

WCBS New York Channel 2 political reporter Marcia Kramer went to Washington on Thursday in an attempt to interview Weiner. She was refused an interview by the Congressman and then got the run around from Congressman’s staff. Weiner’s office subsequently called the Capital Police who politely confronted Kramer and told her she could be arrested for failing to leave a Congressional office if requested to do so. It seems that open, honest government works best if selectively applied.

Clearly the public has yet to get the facts on Weinergate and Congressman Weiner’s involvement if any has not been determined. It is obvious that this issue will not go away and Weiner and his spokespeople have been less than forthcoming. Team Wiener has dropped the ball on dealing with this issue.

The bottom line is that if Weiner was somehow involved in an indiscreet tweet it is pales in significance to some of the more recent calamities politicians have been involved in. Note, I say politicians because the lack of good personal judgment infects both the Democrats and Republicans; a few names that easily come to mind are Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards and John Ensign.

I think the public is generally forgiving for a rare lapse of good judgment. Congressman Weiner clearly would like another run at becoming the Mayor of the City of New York. If Weiner can’t openly and effectively deal with this Twitter issue how could he possibly deal with the complex problems faced by the Chief Executive of New York City?

I am sure there will be more to come on Weinergate over the next several days.


Weiner’s Office Calls The Police After CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer Asks For An Interview



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