Week 19: “The Biggest Loser” Gives Contestants Final Exams

Last week’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” was filled with surprises from beginning to end — contestants received head-to-toe makeovers and no one went home. They all got a second chance to earn their way into the final four. With three woman and two men left on the ranch, it seemed like the final weeks of “The Biggest Loser” could lead up to an interesting finale.

“The Biggest Loser” opened with the contestants reminiscing about the first 18 weeks of the competition. It was amazing to see the physical transformations, as well as the change in their eyes. They started out with downcast eyes. Now, they have life in them. Hannah’s skin even looked better. She and her sister Olivia didn’t think they’d make it to this week.

Alison talked to Jay about the second chance he received because of last week’s surprise and told the contestants that they would take a final exam. The trainers graded each contestant on their knowledge of exercise, inner strength and motivation. Whoever earned the best grade on the exam won $10,000.

The contestants had to teach Bob, the spin master, how to use a spin bike. Brett gave a multiple-choice test about the science behind fitness because of his medical background. Cara met them in the boxing ring and tested them on their inner strength, and Jillian gave them a test on their motivational skills. Alison’s part of the exam was playing Xbox Kinect’s “Biggest Loser” game against avatars of themselves.

Hannah won the Xbox challenge, earning 100 extra points. Hannah and Olivia were in first and second place after all of the challenges with only three points separating the two sisters. Olivia beat her sister, winning $10,000 and an Xbox game console. I think they are a good example of how siblings can motivate one another and be a support system.

At the workout, Hannah demonstrated how far she’s come since the beginning of “The Biggest Loser.” Jillian tried tapping into Jay’s mind, trying to find out why he seems to be shutting down the closer he gets to his goal. The workouts were intense as the urgency of the situation became realized. They all know the end is near and someone will miss the final four by one week.

Alison met them with a final’s week challenge. The contestant had to stack 100 sandbags up outdoor steps that were about 5-feet high, each level had to have 25 bags. They had to use the sandbags to climb each step. Whoever completed the challenge received a 1-lb. advantage at the weigh in. It was a backbreaking challenge that put their arms and legs to the test. Austin won his first individual challenge.

Brett gave the contestants a pop quiz at Subway. They had to guess the number of calories in the sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich. Hannah guessed exactly right, 380 calories, winning a $500 Subway gift card. She can eat sandwiches for more than a year. Yum!

Brett and Bob worked with the guys at the last-chance workout. Of course, Jay received personal attention from Bob, who tried motivating him again because this is his last chance to make it to next week. Jay needed to get back to the mindset that made him a threat when he first arrived on the ranch. Bob gave Jay a killer workout. The women came for their torture next.

At the final weigh in, Olivia had the option of trading $10,000 for a 1-lb. advantage. Austin, who won a 1-lb. advantage, had the chance to given up his prize for $10,000. Austin kept his 1-lb. advantage, and Olivia kept her money. Jillian didn’t look happy, but Olivia may need that money for expenses she incurred. It is a tough economy right now.

When Austin weighted in, he had a 1-lb. advantage but only lost a pound, pushing him below the yellow line with Hannah. Of course, Olivia voted for Austin. Jay voted for Austin, so there was no need to reveal Irene’s. It stood to reason that Irene also voted for Austin.

Austin had nothing to be ashamed of though. He lost 161 lbs. at the ranch, a whole person. At home, he weighed 230 lbs. and worked out in the boxing ring. Hannah and Olivia made it to the final four as sisters. Jay had the biggest percentage of weight loss, 3.53, after his 9-lb. weight loss. He finally got his mojo back.

Next week, the fight for the finale begins. Will it be the first all-female finale on the “The Biggest Loser” or will Jay again get another chance?

Weigh In:

Jay 255 lbs. 246 lbs. 9 lbs. 3.53 percent

Irene 152 lbs. 147 lbs. 5 lbs. 3.29 percent

Olivia 158 lbs. 153 lbs. 5 lbs. 3.16 percent

Hannah 154 lbs. 150 lbs. 4 lbs. 2.60 percent

Austin 236 lbs. 235 lbs. 1 lbs. .85 percent