“We Are One”: Workers to Rally for Rights – Will Honor King, Chavez in April 4, 2011 Day of Action

“Monday is going to be huge.” That’s the word from Moveon.org political action committee. On Monday, worker rallies and events are scheduled across America and also in Paris, France and Kabul, Afghanistan.

If you remember your history, you know April 4 is the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. He was gunned down while in Memphis, Tennessee supporting Memphis sanitation worker’s right to earn a decent living. Labor activist and United Farmworkers of America founder, Ceasar Chavez, died in April as well. Phoenix workers will hold their rally in honor of both King and Chavez.

Americans have come a long way since Dr. King died in 1968, but the issue of fair wages is the same. Collective bargaining and worker’s rights are at the center of legislative controversies in both Wisconsin and Ohio. Despite weeks of rallies and protests, bills eliminating collective bargaining have been passed by both Ohio’s and Wisconsin’s House and Senate. Both bills have been signed by the state’s governors. Many workers see it as an attempt to destroy the middle class. Workers intend to keep fighting until their rights are restored.

Wisconsin Voters Decide to Recall State Senator Kapanke

The Wisconsin Law is not yet law. It’s being held up while a judge examines issues involving an “open meetings” violation. That didn’t stop Wisconsin workers from initiating a successful signature campaign to recall state Senator Dan Kapanke for supporting the controversial law in the first place.

According to Lacrossetribune.com, 21,700 registered Wisconsin voters signed petitions in favor of a Kapanke recall election. They need only 15,588 verified signatures for the recall to take place. Ohio Unions promise a similar signature campaign to repeal Issue 5. In the meantime, rallies will keep the issues before the public.

Events Already Held Across The Country

A number of “We Are One” events have already taken place. On April 1, thousands of MoveOn members joined MoveOn Executive Director, Justin Ruben, in a one day fast. The fast was to protest Republican budget cuts of programs that affect “the most vulnerable among us.” A series of rallies and events took place on April 1 and 2. The reasons for the rallies are as varied as the locations.

Workers in Kansas City, Missouri joined forces with AFL-CIO members in an effort to keep the E-Tax. The NAACP in Jackson, Mississippi began a voter registration drive. Atlanta Georgia held an event for those who were “Unemployed and Fed Up”! In Albany, New York the SUNY “Social Justice Conference” brought students and workers together. The SUNY event included workshops on Labor Rights. San Antonio, Texas held a rally entitled, “Day of Action- Don’t Cut the Kids Out.”

We Are One” Upcoming Events

The “We Are One” website has details and a schedule of times and locations for these events taking place on over the next few days.

Events on April 3, 2011

St. Louis, Missouri – Rally to Support Public Workers, Yes on Prop E
Portland, Maine – Interfaith Convocation

Events on April 4, 2011

A Day of Action”Worksite Events on April 4, 2011

Findlay. Ohio – “We Are One Solidarity” – Workers will gather outside a plant in. They will pass out “We Are One” stickers for workers to wear during the day. See website for location information.

New Castle, Delaware – “We Are One” – Colonial Transportation Association Drivers and Aides will wear blue and gold shirts as a show of unity.

Washington, DC – “Worksite Activity” – Technicians will wear red arm bands.

Williamsport, Maryland – “Worksite Activities” -Workers will wear black bandannas.

Richmond, Virginia – “Worksite activities” – Workers will walk together at the beginning of the day.

Spotlight Events” – April 4, 2001

Click the links for more information.

Paris, France- “We Are One!” – a rally held by Democrats Abroad Paris

Kabul, Afghanistan – “We Are One–Rally for the Middle Class” – a rally held by Democrats Abroad Afghanistan

Phoenix, Arizona – “In Honor of Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”
St Paul, Minnesota – “We Are One: March for the Middle Class”
Charlotte, North Carolina – “Rally and Picket”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – “Day of Action for Worker Rights”
Detroit, Michigan – “We Are One – Join the Fight!”


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