Ways for Teens to Make Money

I remember as a kid how badly I wanted to make money. I wanted to build my own go-kart and buy a dirt bike so much that I was dying to find ways to make money.

That was long before the age of the internet. Now a teenager can just type, “ways for teens to make money” in Google and find several websites and ideas on how to make a few bucks. With sites like craigslist.org, a teenager can quickly find odd jobs to make some extra cash.

Young entrepreneurs are on the rise, and some kids are becoming richer than their parents. If you’re a young person wanting to make money, here are a few ways you can start making money before you’re even old enough to technically work:

Leverage Personal Skills or Passions: When I was in grammar school, I made my first $100 by stringing lacrosse sticks for other kids. This was something I taught myself how to do, and then all my friends wanted me to do the same for them. I was happy to for $10 dollars. What are you good at that your friends would be interested in paying you for?

Fill Out Online Surveys: Kids can make money online just by filling out online surveys for video games and movies. Survey Adventure will send surveys right to your email address that pay anywhere from $2 ‘” $50. Sign up free here.

Host a Raffle: Buy some raffle tickets and sell them for $1 a piece with some cool, cheap prizes. Kids always seem willing to give up a bit of their lunch money for the potential of something neat.

Start Babysitting or Pet-sitting: Everyone wants their pets well taken care of, and if you get home at 3p.m, that’s probably sooner than your neighbors. If they have pets, offer to let the dog out and walk it around the block for $5. If you can get five neighbors to do this, that’s $25 a day!

Look for Work Around the Neighborhood: Most people’s homes are pretty cluttered, and chances are they have an attic, basement or garage that needs organizing. Every house needs dusting, a lawn mowed, snow shoveled, leaves raked, and plants watered. See if you can help people get those chores done for a few dollars.

Help Elderly Neighbors: Are there some nearby elderly people that could use some help. Maybe you could ride your bike to the grocery store for them, or help them move some things around the house.

Are You Good With Computers? Teach people how to use or fix their computer.

Weekend Car Washes: Hold a car wash every weekend. All you need is some soap, a sponge, a bucket and a hose.

Caddying: Many country clubs will hire you as a caddy when you are 13 years old. This is how I started making the most money when I became old enough.

Hold a Bake Sale: Make some brownies and cookies, and sell them at school for $2. Not only will your friends buy them, but your teachers will too.

Type Papers: If you are good at typing, you can charge other kids at your school to type their papers for them.

These are just a few ways kids can make money without a “real” job.