Water Lovers Across America: Some of the Best Lakes for You to Enjoy

Living in what is often referred to as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we here in Minnesota have access to some of the best lakes in the United States. Although our claim to fame with all these beautiful lakes that surround us here in the Midwest, some of the other areas in the U.S. have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best lakes in America, also. Here is a guide to what I consider to be 10 of the best lakes in the United States, and I must say that my family, friends and I have had the opportunity to enjoy some of what each of these lakes has to offer.

1. Lake Mille Lacs: Located about 90 miles north of Minneapolis, this 2nd largest lake in the state of Mn. is a fisherman’s dream. Fishing boats dot the lake in the hot summer months and they are replaced in winter by ice fishing houses. Numerous resorts, cabins, camping sites and hotels surround Mille Lacs Lake, so there is no shortage of either sleeping or dining options in this area. For the gamer, Grand Casino Mille Lacs is near by.

2. Lake Vermilion: Surrounded by the Superior National Forest, approximately 200 miles north of the Metropolitan Twin Cities, Lake Vermilion is located in the famous Arrowhead region of Minnesota. What has been described as one of the most scenic lakes in the country, celebrities from all over the country, including the late Farah Fawcett, who once owned a beautiful home on the shores of Lake Vermilion, come up to Northern Minnesota to enjoy this lake. Superb golf courses, a casino, hiking and biking, in addition to some great fishing is what draws many to this beautiful area. From rustic to elegant, there are numerous ways to enjoy what Lake Vermilion has to offer.

3. Leech Lake: Walker, Mn. is the small family friendly tourist town that is located on the shores of Leech Lake, in the heart of the Chippewa National Forest. One of the states largest lakes, Leech Lake is the place to cast your fishing rod for a variety of fish species on a warm summer day. In the winter, the internationally famous Eelpout fishing festival is held every year in Feb. Good food, lots of fun and accommodations to fit almost anyone’s needs is all readily available in the Leech Lake area to enjoy.

4. Lake Michigan: The only lake of the 5 Great Lakes, located entirely in the continental U.S., Lake Michigan is the place to come if you want to do some serious fishing. It’s the largest freshwater lake in the U.S. and the 5th largest in the world. Near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lake Michigan is the lake where my family and friends have chartered boats to so do some great salmon fishing. There’s also has a variety of other fish in Lake Michigan for the avid fisherman to catch including trout, walleye and small-mouth bass.

5. Lake Superior: This Great Lake is another lake that I think is one of the best lakes in America to enjoy. Lake Superior is the largest of the 5 Great Lakes and contains as much water as the 4 other Great Lakes combined. Lake Superior is located partially along the Twin Ports of Duluth, Mn. and Superior, Wisconsin. It’s a vacation paradise and a honeymoon haven for many who have enjoyed the famous North Shore. The Apostle Islands and numerous lighthouses are just a couple of things that tourists have enjoyed on Lake Superior over the years.

6. Rainy Lake: One of the best lakes in America, Rainy Lake is one of the main gateways to Voyageurs National Park, the only water based park here in Minnesota. With its thousands of miles of shoreline, Rainy Lake straddles the border between Minnesota and Canada, offering year around recreation for fishing and boating as well as winter sports. It has been host to a number of Minnesota Governor’s events as well as the Mn Pro/ Am Bass Fishing tournament. You can enjoy its beauty and recreation from either International Falls, on the U.S. side or hop over to Fort Francis on the Canadian side for a slightly different aspect of the area.

7. Devils Lake: For those who may enjoy the Dakota Prairie, may I suggest heading to Devils Lake, the largest natural body of water in North Dakota. One of America’s best lakes, Devils Lake is known as the Perch Capital of the World, as well as one of the top fishing lakes in the U.S. Devils Lake, N. Dak. is the spot where hunters flock to each year because of the waterfowl that migrate their each year. Spirit Lake Casino sits on the shores of Devils Lake for the visitor who enjoys their gaming. Bird watching, golfing and biking are just a few of the leisure time activities to enjoy in Devils Lake.

8. Lake of the Ozarks: There is not only some great fishing in this lake located in Missouri, the “Show Me State”, but entertainment and other fun activities await the visitors. Lake of the Ozarks has hosted a number of world Bass Fishing Tournaments, as well as other fishing tournaments over the years. Houseboat rentals, condos and other accommodations, as well as some of the best food around all make the Lake of the Ozarks area one of the best, fun places in the United States to visit. Lake of the Ozarks is located in Camden County in Missouri.

9. Lake Havasu: The sun shines practically year around at Lake Havasu making it a sun-lovers paradise for the vacationer who likes the warmth and sunshine of Arizona, but also enjoys being by the water. It’s a haven for many Midwest snowbirds who want to get out of the cold. There are endless opportunities for boating, fishing, kayaking, shopping ,golfing and whatever else may entice you to come to Lake Havasu. Everything from roughing it as a camper to first class hotels make it easy to find just the right accommodations. Lake Hasavu is 150 miles north of Las Vegas and 200 miles S.E. of Phoenix so getting here is fairly easy.

10. Lake Mead: Located on the Arizona-Nevada border, Lake Mead is another warm weather lake, where visitors from all over the nation come to see and enjoy. It’s one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, made by the damming of the Colorado River and originally created to provide water and electricity for the residents of California and Arizona. Having been described as a miracle in the middle of a dessert, it’s a great U.S. Lake for fishing and boating. Many a Las Vegas visitor, including me, have toured this area.

For more detailed information on any of these 10 best lakes in America, I suggest you may want to check out the lakes individual respective websites.

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