Wall Decor: Picket Fence Floral Garden Arrangement

Bring a touch of summer into your home with this charming floral garden arrangement. This garden wall decor is designed on a mini picket fence accented with a grapevine wreath and leaves. If you have an old picket fence, cut a section of the fence into a 12 inch square to make the background for this arrangement. You can also use any garden-themed items to decorate this wall arrangement. The floral garden arrangement looks especially lovely displayed in a home decorated with country, shabby chic or rustic accents.

Floral Garden Arrangement


Mini picket fence (approximately 12 inches)
10 inch grapevine wreath
Florist wire
Craft bird
5″ wall basket
Floral foam
German statice
Mini dried roses
Green and pink dried florals
Vine of leaves
Ivory acrylic paint
Paint brush
2 picture hangers
Glue gun and glue sticks


1. Lay the picket fence flat on a covered work area. I find that some picket fence pieces may have some rough edges. If this is the case, rub sandpaper over the fence to soften the rough edges before you begin painting. Pour some ivory paint into an old bowl. Paint the front, sides and edges of the picket fence. Let dry. Turn the fence over, repeat.

2. Place the grapevine wreath centered on the front of the picket fence. Wire the grapevine wreath to the picket fence using pieces of floral wire.

3. Carefully glue the vine of leaves around the grapevine wreath. Cut off excess.

4. I glued the craft bird to the top of the wreath, but the placement of the bird can be according to your taste. If you have any garden related items like seed packets, mini tools, gloves you could also glue them to the wreath. The great thing about this garden arrangement is it can be decorated according to your taste and likes. Have fun experimenting with various garden items to see what you like.

5. Cut a piece of floral foam so that it fits snug inside the wall basket. Glue this piece of floral foam to the inside of the wall basket.

6. Place a piece of statice at the center and sides of the wall basket. Fill in the wall basket with the statice. Make sure the arrangement is full and is in the shape of a half circle.

7. Evenly glue the roses and other dried florals throughout the statice.

8. Place this wall basket in the center of grapevine wreath. Secure it to the picket fence with floral wire, or by gluing the top and bottom of the wall basket to the picket fence.

9. Attach a picture hanger to the back of each end of the picket fence. Wrap a piece of wire through the hangers. Twist wire ends together.

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