Voyage of the Dawn Treader: The Movie

First off, I have to say that the book version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite book in the entire series. So if you mess with it, it tends to upset me a bit. I had been impressed with how well the first movie stayed in tune with the book that I was anxious for this one to come out, imagining all sorts of wonderful things for it. So after watching it, I was disappointed a bit. It was still a very nice movie (and probably more so for those who haven’t read the books) but to me it was lacking in areas.

Lucy and Edmund Pevensie are staying with their annoying cousin Eustace Scrubb and his family while the rest of their relatives are in America. While Eustace is berating them on something or other once again, they notice that a painting of a ship at sea on the wall starts moving. Before they know it, they are pulled into the painting and land sputtering in their sea while the great ship pulls up to them. It is none other than Prince Caspian (from previous adventures) and brings them aboard. You see, this is the land of Narnia, where Lucy and Edmund once ruled with their other siblings as Queen and King. They are happy to be there, but Eustace is decidedly not, especially since Reepicheep, the talking mouse, won’t give him a moments break. They join Caspian on his voyage to rescue seven missing lords and also discover where an evil green mist comes from. Their journey will be perilous, but full of wonder as well.

Georgie Henley-Lucy Pevensie
Skandar Keynes-Edmund Pevensie
Will Poulter-Eustace Scrubb
Ben Barnes-King Caspian
Simon Pegg-Reepicheep
Liam Neeson-Aslan
and many others

I’ve always enjoyed the characters of Lucy and Edmund, and think they are played well in this film (and the others). Although really, Lucy kind of takes a back seat in this one, which is a shame, because I really like her. Poulter as Eustace did an excellent job. I really wanted to drown him like everyone in the movie did he was so annoying. Ben Barnes did an excellent job as Caspian as well. Reepicheep the mouse was interesting, although he does get tiring at times.

Its a shame that with as much dedication that was shown to the characters, they couldn’t have done the same for the original plot as well. Sure everything is remotely the same and there are some scenes straight out of the book, but they changed some things that should never have been changed, omitted others, and added new scenes that frankly weren’t that great. I would have much preferred to see the actual book happenings as I consider them much more exciting. The antagonist of the Mist was way out there for me as well since this was a book that was more about adventure than strife and I think the movie could have pulled that notion off just fine.

The visuals were pretty excellent in this movie along with the music. While there were some things from the book I would have loved to have seen brought to life, it was still a very pretty film and I did enjoy the parts that were shown. I think its wonderful how they generate the mythical creatures and talking animals in these films. They give it a lot of detail. Even the sunsets were well done in this movie.

While I was very disappointed in all the changes from the book, I do recognize that those who haven’t read it, but have watched the other movies, will probably enjoy this one. For me though, it spoiled it a good bit and all the pretty visuals couldn’t make me love the movie. I merely thought it average because of these things.