Vitamins & Minerals A-Z: Why You Need Them & How Much You Need

Doses Given are the recomended daily doses.

Vitamin A retinol fights night blindness, infection, maintains healthy skin and membranes, healthy blood,bones,teeth,kidneys,bladder, lungs, delays senility, slows heavy menstrual bleeding, smooths sandpaper like skin on the back of arms 4000-10,000 I U Overdose is TOXIC

Found: eggs, whole milk, cream, cheese, fish, green & yellow vegetables & fruit

Acidophilus normalizes the natural healthy bacteria and flora in the intestine often destroyed by antibiotics

B-1 Thiamin aids with fluid retention, depression, irritability, metabolizes sugar & starch to provide energy & healthy nervous systems, relieves stress, aids normal heart function, appetite control, eases chapped lips and healing, aids with depression 50 mg-100 mg

Found: brewers yeast, wheat germ, bran, soybeans, lean pork cooked well done, potatoes

B-2 Riboflavin improves muscle tone and mucous membrane quality, digestion of proteins, fats & carbohydrates, improves vision, improves skin quality, hair & nails, improves energy, relieve light sensitivity, relieves split lips and painful fissures at the corners of the mouth, relieves burning eyes, dry ears and skin 1.2 mg women 1.6 mg men -30 mg

Found: milk, brewers yeast, organ meats, poultry, legumes

B-3 Niacin relieves indigestion, improves the nervous system, skin & digestive system health, increases appetite, lowers high cholesterol and trigylcerides, eases chapped lips, helps with ringing of the ears women 14 mg women-16 mg men to -200 mg

Found: lean meat, poultry, fish, peanuts, lima beans

B-5 Pantothenic Acid relieves stress and fatigue, maintains digestive tract health, skin, nerves, glands and hormone formation, prevents colds, sore throats and viral infections, teeth grinding 10 -100 mg

Found: organ meats, egg yolks, whole grains

B-6 Pyridoxine needed for digestion of proteins and fats, reduces risk of obesity, production of antibodies, healthy nerves, cell functions, premenstral acne, relieves fluid retention, helps regulate blood sugar, relieves numbness and tingling in extremities, fights anemia 1.3 mg – 1.6 mg mg

Found: whole grains, banana, green leafy vegetables, pecans, ham, penuts, walnuts, cabbage, avacado, raisons, prunes

B-12 Cyanocobalamin maintains nervous system, brain cells and DNA, retards memory loss, relieves excessive tiredness and stress, heals canker sores, helps with bursitis in shoulders, relieves anemia 2.4 mcg. Overdose is TOXIC

Found: desiccated liver, beef, pork, fish, dairy products

Bilberry Supports overall eye health

Biotin helps control obesity, is necessary for fat metabolism, produces energy from carbohydrates, synthesizes fatty and amino acids, fights dermatitis 30 mcg

Found: brewers yeast, liver, rice, soy, egg yolks

Brewer’s Yeast prevents constipation and taken daily with wheat germ it strengthens the heart and provides energy

Vitamin C Ascobic Acid or Calcium Ascorbate Helps control cholesterol, fights toxic effects of smoke and pollution, aids with healing, helps prevent hemorrhaging, fights bacterial infections, relieves stress, eases allergies & irritated gums, eases asthma & anemia 75 mg women 90 mg men- 500 mg maximum

Found: fresh fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables, green pepper, mango, papaya, potato

Calcium (oyster shell, DICalcium Phosphate, Calcium Lactate, Calcium Gluconate) fights insomnia, builds strong bones, teeth, calms nerves, aids with blood clotting, essential for regulating heart beat, eases menstrual cramps and insomnia, lowers blood pressure 1000 mg

Found: milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grains, unrefined cereals, green vegetables, salmon

Choline fights obesity, aids nerve transmission, utilizes fat, helps prevent fat deposits in the liver, helps to prevent degeneration of kidney and bladder women 425 mg 550 mg men

Found: egg yolk, liver, brewers yeast, wheat germ

Chromium helps regulate insulin, high cholesterol, turns carbohydrates into glucose for energy, synthesizes fatty acids 25 mcg women 35 mcg men

Found: corn oil, clams, brewers yeast, whole grains

Cod Liver Oil essential for healthy eyes, skin, and immune system

Copper helps form hemoglobin & red blood cells, improves blood quality, needed for bone formation 2.5 to 5 mg

Found: oysters, cocoa, almonds, green leafy vegetables, seafood, raisons

Cranberries support the bladder walls and strengthens the immune system

Vitamin D Calciferol helps reulate the heart beat,needed for calcium & phosphorous to be utilized, needs sunlight to be utilized, Builds strong bones, teeth and enhances vitality Overdose is toxic 15 mcg

Found: Egg Yolk, Fish, usually added to milk

Desiccated liver will put color back in premature graying hair

Vitamin E Tocopherol helps blood to clot, prevents distruction of A & C, Prevents premature breakdown of oxygen and prolongs red blood cell life, protects lungs, aids with leg cramps, eases hot flashes, aids with diabetis 15 mg

Found: vegetable oil, wheat germ, eggs, leafy vegetables, milk, nuts, molasses, unrefined cereals

Evening Primrose Oil fights PMS

Fish Oil Promotes Heart Health

Flax Oil Cleans the colon and digestive tract

Fluoride needed for bone and tooth formation

Found: tea, coffee, often added to water

B 9 Folic Acid improves quality of blood, synthesizes nucleo proteins, helps produce red blood cells and formation of body proteins, eases depression 400 mcg

Found: brewers yeast, green leafy vegetables, Cooking destroys folic acid

Garlic adds to a healthy complexion, helps control blood pressure & normalizes cholesterol

Iodine regulates the thyroid gland and is essential for heat production and nerve sensitivity 150 mcg or 1/2 tsp of iodized salt in a total day usually provides a person with all the iodine they need

Found: seafood

Inositol Hair Growth and quality, fights obesity, metabolizes fat, brain cell nutrition, hair growth 12-18 grams

Found: whole grains, citrus fruits, brewers yeast

Iron Helps prevent frequent illness, needed for production of hemoglobin, builds blood quality, increases resistance to stress & disease, improves anemia, needed in pregnancy 60-120 mg

Found: eggs, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, brewers yeast, clams, peaches, prune juice

Vitamin K blood clotting, osteoporosis men 120 mcg, women, 90 mcg, children and pregnant women must be diagnosed by a doctor

Found: egg yolk, kale, lettuce, spinach, cabbage

Kelp is a natural source of iodine

Magnesium improves muscle tone and healthy nerves, muscle & bone maintenance 315 mg women 420 mg men

Found: nuts, whole grains, dry beans, dry peas, dark green vegetables, soy

Manganese used to treat the underweight, needed for skeletal development, maintains sex hormone production, nourishes the nerves and brain, a component of nucleic acids in the cells. women 1.8 mg, men 2.3 mg, max 11 mg children do not give without doctors orders

Found: cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, romaine, spinach, pineapple, egg yolks, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, whole grains, dried peas, dried beans, seafood, tea

Vitamin P not a true vitamin is a combo Bioflavonoid(Plant Compound) Protects the strength and utilization of Vitamin c Rutin for the treatment of blood vessel disorders such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids & Hesperin for cholesterol lowering 500 mg Overdose causes diarrhrea

Found: buckwheat, lemons, grapes, plums, grapefruit and cherries

PABA Para-Aminobenzoic Acid Vit Bx Graying Hair, utilization of fats, proteins & carbohydrates, needed for production of red blood cells and hair pigmentation no recommended doseage to date most supplements provide a max of 50 mg

Found: yeast, wheat germ, molasses

Pectin is completely indigestible and retains water

Phosphorus kidney problems, utilizes fats, proteins and carbohydrates, regulates growth, repairs cells, produces energy, strengthens bones, teeth, kidney functioning and transfers nerve impulses 700 -1000 mg

Found: beans, peas, fish, eggs, grains, seeds, nuts, poultry

Plums, cranberries and prunes help prevent hemorrhoids

Potassium improves poor health, needed to build muscles, nerves, the heart, balances minerals in the blood, regulates the bodies water balance 5.625 mg take as prescribed by a physician

Found: green leafy vegetables, oranges, whole grains, sunflower seeds, potato peels, bananas, apples, cider vinegar, peanut butter

Selenium for body growth, fertility, prevents oxidation, prevents the breakdown of fats 55 mcg

Found: bran, wheat germ, brocolli, onions, tomatoes, tuna, egg yolks

Sodium needed for nerve impulses, muscle contractions,fluid and acid regulation 1 tsp of table salt daily is all the average person needs..Excess can cause high blood pressure.

Found: green olives, saurkraut, pickles, potato chips, soups, Excessive intake is harmful and leads to high blood pressure

Zinc promotes healing controls insulin supply of the pancreas, aids in digestion and metabolism, promotes growth, regulates reproduction organs and prostate functioning, regulates complexion, forms collagen, aids taste and smell, reduces strong body odor 8 mg women 11 mg men maximim 15 mg

Found: brewers yeast, bone meal, beans, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, fish, oysters

Smokers Need:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C


Menstrual heavy bleeding & cramps? You need:

Vitamin A

Vitamin B 6

Vitamin E



Evening Primrose Oil

If exposed frequently to pollution or toxic chemicals You need:

Vitamin A

Vitamin E


Vitamin C

If you have a family history of cancer you need:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E


If you are slow to heal you need:

Vitamin B1 thiamine


Vitamin C

Depressed? Stressed? You need:

Vitamin B1 thiamine

Vitamin B12

Pantothenic Acid

Folic Acid

Vitamin C


Gritty or Bloodshot eyes? You need:

Vitamin B 2 riboflavin

Taking Birth Control pills? You need:

Vitamin B 2 riboflavin

Vitamin B 6

Folic Acid

High Cholesterol or triglycerides? You need:

Vitamin B 3 niacin



Vitamin P

High Blood Pressure? You need:



Frequent Colds, sore throats, upper respiratory problems? You need:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Pantothenic Acid





Vitamin D


Vitamin K

Asthma? You Need:

Vitamin C

Diabetis? You Need:

B 6


Vitamin E


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