Vitamins and Minerals Recommendations for Specific Career Types

The career you have can dictate the vitamins and minerals that are absolutely essential to being able to drive that career to the fullest. A multivitamin is fine and dandy and absolutely necessary for just about everyone, but you may need more of one vitamin or mineral to really take advantage of this healthy lifestyle. The following are recommended vitamins and minerals for specific types of careers. All individuals in these careers should start off with a high potency multiple vitamin that offers time released chelated minerals. Look for a multivitamin that contains bioflavonoids, rutin and rose hips.


The lifestyle of the student is one that can have the same effect as having a career. Even worse, the lifestyle of the student is one that often means overlooking meals, especially breakfast, and eating foods that are hardly chock full of vitamin and mineral benefits. The student needs to look for vitamins and minerals that provide enough energy to get you through the day while also alleviating the stress of grades and assignments. Supplements to that multivitamin should include vitamin E, which has the potential, not always realized, of assisting in the reduction of stress that builds up over long periods. A vitamin B complex with zinc helps with the problems faced by students working under high pressure with bad nutrition. Choline is a lesser known vitamin that is an essential component in producing acetylcholine, which is a substance that has been linked to maintaining proper functioning of mood, behavior, judgment and even orientation.

Managers and Business Execs

Managers are definitely among the highly stress in the American economic system. A good manager who can keep things running smoothly will look to vitamins and minerals that provide energy, lower stress and stave off mental breakdowns. The same multivitamin that keeps students plugging away on campus should be taken twice daily by managers. Look to a B complex supplement, but zinc is not necessarily a necessary mineral. What you really want to add to your menu of vitamins and minerals if you are a manager or business executive is L-tryptophan. Best taken between meals, L-tryptophan is an amino acid that may assist in getting you to sleep at night and keep you from getting depressed during the day. Add in a little lecithin supplements to help deal with high cholesterol that could wind up giving you a heart attack when combined with the high stress of your job.

Graveyard Shift Workers

Interestingly, the vitamins and minerals that help those high paying executives also apply to overnight employees on the opposite end of the salary spectrum. Take on the multivitamin that applies to just about everyone and add a healthy dose of vitamin D. You need that vitamin D if you work overnight because there is a good chance that you don’t see much sunlight during the day. A lack of sunlight could potentially lead to a vitamin D deficiency if your diet doesn’t contain healthy amounts of vitamin D-fortified dairy products and seafood like herring, salmon and tuna. Add in that L-tryptophan when you get and it is finally time to sleep.

Healthcare Workers

Yes, indeed, doctors and nurses and orderlies and all those who work in a hospital need to take that all important multivitamin with a B complex supplement taken twice a day. The most important addition to the menu of vitamins and minerals that need to be taken by healthcare workers is vitamin C. The addition of vitamin C may be just the thing needed to ward off infections.


Entertainers like singers, actors, dancers and comedians must deal with a number of the same problems associated directly with these other career choices. Stress is certainly present, especially when the expected profits involved in the enterprise hang on your talent. Entertainers who use their voice must protect against damage to that precious sense. Dancers need to avoid muscle fatigue. The multivitamin needs to be taken twice a day by entertainers. Singers, comedians, actors and others who depend upon their voice should supplement with vitamin C twice a day to offer additional protection against infection in their throat. Dancers and other entertainers who use their body more than their voice should add calcium to their diet to fend off muscle and bone fatigue. For best results, that supplement should contain magnesium as well.