Virginia Zoo Adds New Attractions

The Virginia Zoo is situated in Norfolk, Virginia . Zoos can be great fun as well as educational. What does the Virginia Zoo have to offer? Read on to find out.

Upon entering the Virginia Zoo you will discover fountains. Children can cool off in the fountains, so pack swimsuits and towels for little ones. A park complete with picnic shelters and playgrounds is conveniently located right before the entrance to the Virginia Zoo. Stop at the park before or after visiting the Virginia Zoo for extra fun.

Virginia Zoo has the animals you would expect to see at a zoo such as elephants, monkeys, giraffes, and more. The zoo also has a barn with pigs, horses, cows and chickens.. Located next to the barn is an indoor exhibit featuring amphibians and reptiles as well as spiders. Make sure to view the beautiful pond to spot ducks and turtles. Feathery friends are also at the Virginia Zoo. A peacock roams the Virginia Zoo. See if you can spot the peacok and hope it spreads it’s brilliantly colored wings for you. Mandrills are a must see. The male’s colorful bottoms are very intriguing. Baby animals are always the cutest to see. See what new arrivals are at the Virginia Zoo.

Virginia Zoo has added several new attractions in the last year. Hop on board the Norfolk Southern Express . The train is a newer addition to the Virginia Zoo, although not the newest. The Southern Express costs $2.00 per person. Kangaroos are also a newer addition at the Virginia Zoo. New animals have just arrived at the Virginia Zoo this spring. Trail of the Tiger is a brand new exhibit. This new exhibit is beautiful and includes breathtaking waterfalls. New animals include tigers, bears, tapirs, otters and orangutans. The tapir habitat includes a swimming area for the tapirs. Catching the tapirs at the right time to watch them take a swim is exciting!

Flower, herb, and butterfly gardens are also at the Virginia Zoo. Several spots ideal for picture taking are found throughout the Virginia Zoo. Virginia Zoo is complete with a restaurant, snack bar, and soda machines.

Looking for a place to hold a special event? Virginia Zoo offers birthday parties, weddings, and facility rentals . ZooBoo is held in the fall with plenty of sweet opportunities.

View the zoo history and learn more. The history of the Virginia Zoo begins in 1892 when the land was purchased.

Bring your camera because there will be plenty of photographic opportunities. Enjoy your trip to the Virginia Zoo.

Virginia Zoo

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