Unusual Protests Against President Obama

After spending $5,000 per seat to attend President Barack Obama’s fundraiser, protesters stood up and began singing to free Pfc. Bradley Manning from military prison. He was arrested on charges of leaking information to WikiLeaks and treason. It is said that he turned over classified government documentation and video of war crimes. He is now held at Quantico brig. Protesters are demanding his release on the grounds that he is considered a “whistle blower.” According to Evan Perez, reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Obama politely waited for them to finish singing, then continued on with his speech as if nothing happened.

This is not the first time that President Obama has been protested against. Each time he is polite, waits for them to finish and carries on. This however leaves America wondering if Obama really cares about our concerns or thoughts. American feels that the voters are the reason he stands at the podium in front of our nation and we should be heard. Attitudes about President Obama are changing rapidly and he is losing the faith of the American people who hoped that he would bring the change we needed.

I have to say, he does draw the most unusual protests and he takes it without insult.

Blacks against Obama

In Florida, in 2008, African-American protesters held up signs during a speech that read “Blacks against Obama,” and “Jesse Jackson Hates Obama.” Sasha Johnson from CNN Politics reported the reason for the protest was that Obama was for gay marriage and against abortion. The signs also contained the acronym “KKK.” President Obama politely stated that they could hold up their signs but please let him finish what he was saying. The protesters continued to chant so they were escorted out.

Fresno State Students Host “Carnival of Mockery”

Raising prices of education and current budget cuts of $20 million had Fresno State students up in arms. Rather than have an all out protest, they hosted the carnival to protest the education costs that are skyrocketing. Students in various campuses attended and it was perceived as a fun day for all. Deshanta Bullock, reporter from ABC 30 HD announced that several hundred students turned out for this event.

Repeated Protests Centered On Where Obama Was Born

There have been repeated demands on producing Obama’s birth certificate to the American public to prove that he was American born. Apparently, there are the correct papers in line, or President Obama would not be standing on the podium today. This has been a continuous debate since the first time President Obama and the American people disagreed.

Why Are These Protests Changing The View of Obama?

I honestly think that he has been the most protested President we have had so far. The American people have heard so much negative about him that they cannot look through and see that he has good intentions. All of the controversy has made it very unlikely that he will be voted back in, simply because it stirred up so much debate.