Unique Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts: Flower Photo Frames

This Mother’s Day kids can combine two things moms love, photos of themselves and flowers, in a one of kind handmade gift for mom. This wall hanging with a pot of flowers features kid’s photos in the flower centers. What are those cool little round photo frames in the center of the flowers? They are recycled bottle tops.

Let kids know they should start saving those bottle tops from the plastic bottles that their family is recycling and that a variety of colors and sizes are a plus.

There are lots of cute flower crafts and photo gifts for Mother’s Day kids can make but using the bottle tops as frames really adds interest and dimension to this handmade Mother’s Day gift. It also encourages kids to reuse items in their crafts.

Materials needed:

Foam sheets in a variety of colors

Bottle tops






Letter stickers

The background:

Choose a foam sheet for the background of the wall hanging. Choose a color for the flowerpot and sketch the basic flowerpot shape. The flowerpot should be about a third of the height of the background. Now cut out at least flower shapes that are proportional to the bottle top frame centers. Kids can also cut thin stems and leaves in green. Have kids play with the entire arrangement before they begin gluing individual pieces.

Craft tip:

Having flowers hang off of the side of the wall hanging a bit adds more visual appeal than all of the flowers being centered on the wall hanging.

Bottle top frames:

Place the bottle tops onto of the faces on the photos to be cropped. Trace around the bottle top. Kids will need to cut just inside the line in order for the photo to fit inside of the bottle top. Simply press the photo in place.

Making a hanger:

There are a variety of options for creating the hanger. You can use a hole puncher to place holes on both top corners and thread with a ribbon or yarn. To continue our theme of reusing materials, we cut the top section of a damaged gift bag with the handle attached and glue it onto the back of our wall hanging so the only the gift bag handle was showing.


Kids can use letter stickers to add “Mom” to the flowerpot or to add other messages or their names.

Children can make a flower power photo display for mom individually or siblings could work together to create a pot of flowers for mom with one photo flower for each child. Either way, this handmade Mother’s Day gift is sure to make a smile bloom on Mom’s face this Mother’s Day.