Unique Extra Touches for a Bride on a Budget

Every bride wants their wedding to be extra special, and would like for their wedding guests to walk away with an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. But, for brides that can barely afford the wedding basics, they may not fathom being able to have ice sculptures or flame throwers to entertain their guests. But, a memorable wedding, truth be told, is all in the details, and sometimes, those little personal touches can make a huge difference in how people remember the wedding. Here are some ideas that any bride can add to their wedding without making an impact on their wedding budget.

Bouquet Jewels

Many brides on a budget may find themselves walking down the aisle with artificial flowers or inexpensive real flowers like carnations in opposed to calla lilies. So, to spruce up what one may think of as a boring bouquet, they may want to add bouquet jewels into the mix. Bouquet jewels are crystals that fit right into the bouquet, giving it a little sparkle. They can be purchased from most craft stores or online.


A growing trend that many brides are beginning to take part in is switching up the color of their shoes. Instead of wearing white shoes, they are starting to wear funky colors like hot pink and turquoise with their wedding dress. By wearing shoes that are a color other than white, brides can really show off their personality, and have their shoes the subject of many conversations for years to come.

Table Numbers

Table Numbers do not have to be a boring piece of card stock with a number on it. In fact, they don’t have to be numbers at all. For example, a couple who loves music may want to have music notes in place of the numbers or baseball fans may choose to make the names of the Major League Baseball Teams their alternative. By going against the grain, wedding guests will always remember sitting at the “Philadelphia Phillies” table in opposed to “Table 5”.

Unique Guestbook

Guestbooks tend to be pretty uniform, but they don’t have to be. Unique guestbooks can be purchased that have pictures, fact, and other quirky details about the couple. Alternatively, the guestbook does not have to be a guestbook at all; it can be a picture frame, plate, or any other object that guests can sign to give their best wishes.


Wedding monograms are a popular addition that many couples are adding to their weddings. A monogram can be easily created on PowerPoint, and then added to invitations, menus, favors, and more to give a uniform look to all things related to the wedding.

Brides on a budget certainly can have a unique wedding without spending a ton of money. Just let those creative juices flow, and ideas should rain in.