‘True Blood’ Season 4 Premiere Has Drop Date Finally

“True Blood” season four is nearly here, and the teasers will finally start to make sense for fans. The great news was that the season premiere has a drop date to write on those calendars finally, and now summer television viewers can start planning that schedule.

According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO has announced the fourth season of “True Blood” will begin on June 26. So basically three months from now, the latest chapter in the lives of the Bon Temps characters is going to start unraveling. That could be the key word as well because there are certainly going to be a number of storylines that unravel as the season begins.

Season three ended with quite a few shocking revelations during the finale, most important of which was how the relationship between Bill and Sookie actually got started. It turned out that in the first episode of the series, that the Rattrays who beat up Sookie were doing so because Bill allowed it. He figured out that this was the best way to get closer to Sookie by forcing her to feed off of his blood. It worked, but now it is going to put a huge crimp in their relationship. That relationship appeared to end in the season finale, which will create even more drama in the fourth season.

Some of the other plot lines that played out in the season three finale were that Bill tried to kill Eric and Pam, he tried to kill the Queen, and he also came into contact with the fairies. Regarding the other characters, Tara decided to leave town when she found out Sam’s true identity, Lafayette almost has a nervous breakdown when Jesus reveals himself, and Jason becomes the caretaker for Crystal and her family after he intervenes during a DEA raid.

All through winter, the writers and producers of “True Blood” have been releasing teasers for the next season, and there are four video clips depicting where some of the characters will be heading. Those videos can be seen in the link on page two, but they could also serve as spoilers for things to come on the show. It certainly sets up some intriguing storylines that should latch on to the cliffhangers of the season finale.

There are going to be 12 episodes during the fourth season of “True Blood,” likely with a break during Fourth of July weekend to not cause anyone to miss an episode. It will be airing on HBO (of course) on Sunday nights again, so make sure you have your cable plan ready to enjoy some more werewolves and vampires. The first episode of “True Blood” season four is on Sunday, June 26.