‘True Blood’ Actress the Latest ‘Trend-sexual?’

Is there something in the water on the set of HBO’s True Blood? For the second time in a matter of months an actress on the popular Vampire drama has revealed that she is a bisexual. In April of last year “True Blood” star and Academy Award winner Anna Paquin revealed that she was bisexual as part of the “Give A Damn” Campaign, an LBGT advocacy campaign organized by Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Foundation.

“I’d like to meet a nice guy or nice girl”

Now, one year later, fellow “True Blood” actress Evan Rachel Wood has come out as a bisexual. In an interview with Esquire Magazine Wood reveals that, though she has spent most of the last 4 years in a relationship with rock star Marylin Manson, she does date girls. In fact, in the interview Wood reveals that dating women brings out her gentleman side “I’m opening doors, I’m buying dinner. Yeah, I’m romantic.”


Wood is the latest in a series of young Hollywood actresses to come out as bisexual leading some to label them as ‘Trend-sexual,’ a phrase invented by UrbanDictionary.com to define those whose sexuality seems to shift with the cultural tide. A number of young Hollywood starlets have been accused of trend-sexuality including “Transformers” star Megan Fox who, like Wood, revealed in a 2009 interview with Esquire that she is bisexual; though she added she would never date another bisexual woman.

Fox then went on to marry her on again off again boyfriend Brian Austin Green in 2010. Anna Paquin also married several months after her “Give A Damn” commercials made an online splash. Paquin wed her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer in August of 2010 but, to be fair, the two were engaged to be married when Paquin revealed her bisexuality.

Angelina Jolie

The history of Trend-sexuality is spotty but many peg the start of the trend to revelations of Angelina Jolie’s alleged mid-90’s exploits including an alleged long term relationship with a model named Jenny Shimizu who claimed the relationship was ongoing even as Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thornton and even through Jolie’s current long term relationship with Brad Pitt.

Drew Barrymore & Lindsay Lohan

In 2003 Drew Barrymore came out as bisexual in an interview with Us Magazine. In the interview Barrymore said “Do I like women sexually? Yes, I do. Totally.” Us Magazine later reported a rumor in 2007 that Barrymore had a fling with Jane Pratt the editor of Jane Magazine not long after the actress had appeared on the magazine’s cover.

The most famous recent bisexual revelation came in 2008 from troubled actress Lindsay Lohan who openly dated club DJ Samantha Ronson. The relationship was a tabloid sensation eclipsed only by Lohan’s arrests and career struggles. Lohan and Ronson broke up in 2010 but tabloids and gossip websites continue to write about a possible reconciliation.