Top Ten Tantalizing Trends in Wedding Gowns for 2011

Nearly every bride has a mental picture of her perfect wedding dress. However, if you don’t really know exactly what you are looking for, let’s take a look at the latest trends in wedding dresses for 2011.

The runways this year were filled with dresses of every shape and size, but the one thing they all had in common was shimmer. From fabrics with sleek shine to those accented with rhinestones or crystals, wedding dresses this year are catching everyone’s eye.

Tea Length Dresses
Last year, shorter skirts were a huge trend for wedding dresses. This year, they are a bit longer, falling at mid-calf. Flirty and fun, this year’s tea length gowns are still very romantic and feminine. They are really great for your spring and summer weddings.

Cascades of Ruffles
The longer ball length gowns are still popular but the skirts are taking on a more whimsical romantic feel. Layers of ruffles flowing make these gowns look almost feathery.

Corsets with Visible Boning
Corsets have always been pretty popular in wedding circles. However, this year, corsets are turning things inside-out. With visible boning, your wedding dress becomes dramatically beautiful and sexy. Another popular trim with visible boning includes the corset being see-through. It is definitely not for the blushing bride, but still very unique.

Frothy skirts
No matter the length or style, frothy is in. Frothy skirts on wedding gowns come in every size, shape, and style. From layers of ruffles to dramatic draping, brides are looking for more comfort in their wedding gowns. Dance the night away in this beautiful frothy fantasy.

Nude wedding dresses really hit the runway this year. From full nude gowns, to those accented with nude, the forgotten hue has made a comeback. Simply elegant and a step above the ordinary, nude gowns are a sure way to express your individuality.

Like the nude, whether completely gold or just accented, gold wedding gowns are also a growing trend.

Black Trim
With the return to elegance for weddings as a major theme, black and white was a sure thing. White gowns with black trim are breathtakingly beautiful and sophisticated.

Sheer Necklines
The sheer neckline is the new strapless. Sexy and yet very sophisticated and feminine, the sheer neckline is the newest trend and is very versatile in many different styles.

Vintage Beading
Vintage is huge in weddings in 2011, so why would we leave out the dress? Vintage beading from the simple to the sublime make wedding dresses absolutely stunning.