Top Five Areas that Collect Dust

Dust is one of the most frustrating parts of keeping your home clean. Most people have a problem with dust because they don’t know the best ways of getting rid of it. While you cannot completely rid your home of dust, you can take steps to reduce dust buildup and it all begins with locating the top five area that collect dust and honing in on how to keep those clean.


The home office is a big area that collects dust. I have a hard time keeping my office clean of dust but I’ve found some methods that help keep my electronics clean and my desk area dust-free. First, I reduce the clutter as much as possible. It’s much easier to wipe fresh dust off of a desk that is not cluttered. I also use wet electronic wipes for my monitor, keyboard, external hard drives, tower and other electric parts in my office. These reduce the static cling and pick up the dust so it doesn’t spread around. A microfiber dust cloth with a dab of furniture polish keeps my desk dust-free regularly.


Bedrooms can collect dust in a variety of places. It’s important to remember to wash your comforter regularly because it can collect dust and dust mites. I have a severe allergy to dust mites so I use a hypo-allergenic cover for my pillow and I wash it regularly. We don’t use drapes in our bedroom either because they collect dust too easily and it makes me sick. Keeping the clutter to a minimum makes it easier to dust and I clean furniture using the same methods as for dusting the home office.

Entertainment Room/ Media Room

When dust gathers in your entertainment or media room, it can be a real pain to clean. Electronics seem to attract dust and rows of DVDs, CDs and other media devices can collect dust and be time-consuming to clean.

One way to reduce the dust in your media room is to keep the humidity between 40-50% so there is less static that makes the dust cling to surfaces. Be sure to clean the vents in the room regularly and your air filters.

Blinds and Window Coverings

Blinds and window coverings will collect dust from a room almost immediately once it forms. Wooden, metal and plastic blinds are better than drapes and cloth window coverings, but all can collect dust. You should be sure to clean and vacuum them regularly. Dust and vacuum your blinds and window coverings last after dusting in the room or dust from your furniture will just resettle onto the blinds again.

Pictures and Wall Hangings

Pictures and wall hangings collect dust easily as well. Remove them from the wall when dusting and vacuuming so you can get to the back of them as well. Clean the wall behind the photos that can collect dust as well. You will breathe easier and your wall hangings will look their best.