Top 5 Most Useful iPhone Apps

Which iPhone Apps should you download to seal in as keepers on your phone? There are many great Apps; but, my top five favorites are as follows: Shazam, Awesome Note, Target Weight, Sleep Stream 2, iFlashcards Free. Not only are all these Apps good, almost all of them are free; except for the Awesome Note App. However, you can opt for the free version, Awesome Note Lite.


Have you ever wondered, “What is the name of that song?” With Shazam, you will be able to know, and Shazam will tag songs from different languages too. Shazam is my number one pick because you can get all of the details of a song, such as the name of a music album, title, singer, genre, label, and biography. How to get the details of a song is by simply clicking on the “Tag Now” icon with your iPhone’s receiver close to your speakers, or if the music is loud and clear enough, Shazam can detect the song, and then voila, your song is tagged. Shazam unfortunately, does not detect your singing or humming to a beat.

Awesome Note

Do you need to get organized? The Awesome Note (+ To-do/Diary) or paid version gives you unlimited folder creations to add as many different tasks and notes as you desire. In both versions, Awesome Note and Awesome Note Lite, provide you with Post it notes to get your ideas off your mind, folders to categorize and follow your To Dos. Moreover, you get calendars for each folder to track your schedules, anniversary dates or archive your daily diary, recipes, quotes, etc. Both versions also feature different stationeries and fonts to choose to your preferences, add photos and email or print your notes.

Target Weight

This nifty App helps you keep track of your weight; whether you are trying to lose or gain weight or simply want to maintain your health and wellness. Target Weight logs your entered weights and displays your weight pattern on an easily readable graph so that you can see how your weight progresses. In addition, Target Weight will give your BMI (Body Mass Index) results and chart your current weight as: severely obese, obese, overweight, normal, underweight, or severely underweight. Furthermore, target Weight will predict when your goal weight will be reached according to your weight pattern.

Sleep Stream 2

Do you need to relieve stress during your busy day or having to count sheep to fall asleep? Sleep Stream 2 can help you relax by soothing you with different sounds and visuals. A few of the sounds that are preferred: Waves, Rain, Fireplace, Piano. Sleep Stream 2 also provides beats for Sleep, Meditation, Learning, and Energy as well as spectacular scenery for visuals.

iFlashcards Free

Are you a student or just want to learn new things or languages? With iFlashcards Free, you can create your flashcards and flip through them to memorize subjects you want to remember without having to carry around a bunch of paper flashcards that can be cumbersome. You can make as many different subjects of flashcards as you want and carry all of them around in your iPhone to study whenever you have free time.