Top 10 Best Lady GaGa Songs

If you are a fan of the rock musician Lady GaGa, you will enjoy this article. I love her unique music, as so many of her millions of fans do. She has quite a following and it is well deserved. This lady is talented, works hard and still has fun. Her music proves it. We all have our favorites, but these are my top 10 best Lady GaGa song picks. My very favorites!

1. Bad Romance. This incredible song is the very first one I heard by Lady GaGa. It mesmerized me and swept me into another world. The chanting, the music and the lyrics speak volumes and I was listening. Love, revenge and all the elements are present, this one steams. Rah! I love it!

2. Alejandro. I had to listen to this one a few times before it got it’s teeth into me. It did. Ever so softly. A passionate and sweet song that drips heartache and reality. It even reminds me of the Swedish band ABBA. Imagine that. It must be the mention of the name Fernando in the lyrics. The words, don’t call my name, they just do a promenade into my heart and it is left paralyzed. Ah. Such is love. I’m not your babe. So says GaGa. Me, either.

3. Monster. I love this song. I have known a few monsters in my time, as many of us have. This song celebrates the known bad boy. The wolf. He ate my heart. Indeed. Ow. Well, we all appreciate a monster in our bed every now and then, right? Right.

4. Dance In The Dark. This song always gives me chills and it also makes me dance. It seems to be about abused ladies and it is wickedly dark and sweet, in it’s starkness and it’s cool edgy beat. It celebrates the hard reality of an abusive world, and still, we dance on. Amen. Well, done, Lady G. This song is unforgettable and one of my very favorites by her. Sweet, honest and catchy. This one will be stuck in my head for many years to come. Cheers! I love it.

5. Telephone. This dance able tune is quite fun and always exciting. It features Beyonce and we all know how good she is. I consider this a trend setter song and a grab onto the ladder of music fame. A good one. We girls all know about that boy blowing up our phone. Driving us to madness. Here’s a spectacular song all about it. Dance! Don’t answer that darn phone.

6. Just Dance. This groovy and popping song features Colby O Donis. It is what it is. Just dance to it. You really can’t help yourself. A fun party song that will get everyone going. It is all good.

7. Paparazzi. This wonderful and mysterious song gets to me every time. It is magic, cool and sticks with you. I had a cat named Roxy and my family called her paparazzi because she loved to follow us around, sneak up on us and surprise us. This song reminds me of my cat. Isn’t that funny? Roxy lived to the old age of twenty-three and I know she would love this tune. No kidding, this song is brilliant and it is all about the media, press and the attention of fans and you have to love it. I do. One of the top 10 best Lady GaGa songs, for sure.

8. Poker Face. This one is a favorite of mine and what a great song. I think many of us use a poker face daily in dealing with issues. Sometimes, it is needed. Deal them, read them and weep. Or smile. Or, show us your poker face. That’s how!

9. Starstruck. This song takes you into the future. With a blast. It features Space Cowboys and Flo Rida. Who better to sing about being starstruck? Blow my heart up. Groove. Slam Work it back. Filter that. Some lyrics from this magnificent song. It is a work of art, it really is. Take a listen.

10. Boys Boys Boys. This Lady GaGa tune is full of fun and it always makes me smile. Not to mention dance. We love the boys and we love love and we just, well, we do. So, if you like boys, well, here is a sweet and grooving song all about it. Whew. Mercy.

These are my top 10 best Lady GaGa songs. My favorites. Lady GaGa just released a new album, Born This Way, and I can’t wait to check it out. My favorite song picks are from Lady GaGa The Fame Monster and Lady Gaga The Fame cds. Both are awesome. Rock on and thanks for reading! For more information about this artist, you can visit the website.