Third Set of Selected Semifinalists Rise Above Smurfs and Sharks in a Splashy Vote on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 6

It wasn’t Piers Morgan going crazy pressing his X button as Wednesday’s vote results opened on “America’s Got Talent,”‘”it was those precocious blue Smurfs plugging their new movie and even leaving supposed Smurf poop for Howie, but that couldn’t dump despair on the hopes for the night. Not a moment was wasted before teen yo-yo maestro, Ian Johnson, the Purrfect Angelz, and the Summerwind Skippers were called to face their fate, and the vote set all three acts packing, but somewhere, all three of these acts should be putting on shows, so you never know where you’ll see them next! Stevie Nicks took the stage for the first of two performances between votes, and she demonstrates an adherence to authenticity that serves as a golden lesson for any young artist. Her first song was “For What It’s Worth,” from her CD, In Your Dreams, which has been highly acclaimed and reintroduced her to a whole new audience. She is about to tour with Season 5 AGT winner Michael Grimm, not a bad gig for the soulful Mississippi man, considering Stevie’s last tour partner was Rod Stewart! The calendar may say that Stevie is a senior now, but her songwriting and energy reflect a freshness of a woman renewed, and her second song, “Edge of Seventeen” seemed as if it sailed back 20 years, and the audience felt it.

Next up were silky singer Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. and the truly popping band, Poplyfe, and no one could see either of these performers leaving, and neither did, and seeing their genuine support and celebration of one another as they received the vote was one of the best moments of the night! They both are aimed for the finals.

Season 5 black light sensations, Fighting Gravity, offered a taste of the stage show they are still developing, stepping and floating along in their own red light district, with boxes balancing right along with those green balls, and a shark chase to cap it off! Mauricio Herrera, Captain and Maybelle, and Lys Agnes came forward for the next round of results. The acts couldn’t be more different, and all dreams die heard, but America’s vote was to let the unlikely opera star forge ahead, and her tears spoke more powerfully than words.

The final vote of the night came between the rapping cuties, Sh’Boss Boys, magician Seth Grabel, and Professor Splash. The act with the lowest votes is automatically eliminated, and it was very sad parting with the pint-sized charmers, Sh’Boss Boys, especially because at first it didn’t really register with these young men that it was goodbye. These guys aren’t going anywhere but up, so you’ll be hearing them “wap” their way into your heart for a long time. It was then up to the judges to decide between Seth Grabel’s show-stopping, blazing and boiling magic and the danger daredevil who promised to bring the fire to the semifinals. Sharon went for Seth, Howie for the Professor, relying on his Twitter feed, and it came down to Piers Morgan to make it official. He said he could see Grabel performing in Vegas tomorrow, but then declared his choice was the one he felt most sure about winning the whole thing, and gave his nod to the Splash man. Piers just can’t deny his penchant for peril!

This week’s four semifinalists:

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.


Lys Agnes

Professor Splash

Next week, the final group of 12 quarterfinalists will perform for their futures. Tune in Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 PM ET on NBC.

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“America’s Got Talent” telecast, July 27, 2011 NBC TV.