The Widow’s Song

The Widow wears the blackened clothes the veil pulled down low over her face so no one can see her tears of despair. During the sunny day the Widow tries to hide her pain from all that pass her by but she can’t push the misery aside; the loss is almost to much too bare. But with her head held high she walks over to his side and from there she sees her world is crumbling around and no one sees. No one sees.

Everyone says the same words: so sorry for your loss of course we all will miss the other half that was you. It’s difficult to see the Widow standing alone so they walk to her side as she holds his hand one last time but the voiced words just float by. Call us if you need us, everyone says; doesn’t matter what the time; you could come and stay with us for a while. The Widow nods her thanks but she’s transported to another time and place of memories of happier times. It’s her only escape until she’s alone but then they tell her it’s time to go. She looks at her lover her hand caressing his face. Today they are taking him away but not before she bestows one last kiss on his lips.

From dusk of when the sun loses it’s warmth to the rising of the crescent moon, the Widow wanders room to room, looking for pictures and memories to fill her lonely nights. She carries his ashes to keep him near knowing that he’s not here and cries to the heavens to bring him back to life. The night responds in to her request.

The shadows move slowly as the stars come out at night to bring back the love lost souls every single night. In dream state, her lover comes walking in the door to sit by her side and hold her tight as whispering winds carry the lovers words to the Widow’s ear. “I’ve watched your movements through the day. Remember I am always at your side I will watch over you the one I vowed to love for all time. I won’t forget my promise to you. I’ll be waiting at the gate because you are worth the wait. I hope that you remember me.”

The Widow holds tightly fearing to let go of the lover who has come back to her yet she knows that time is short. So much to say and so much the Widow feels the frustration of know his time to leave comes near. She takes a lock of her hair and puts in his hand, “now I am with you all the time, me beloved.” The Widow smiles as she pulls forth the locket from her dress and show her lover that he does lay next to her heart. It’s his picture and lock of hair that she made when they first met.

“I see you everywhere. Tomorrow night come again. I need your love I feel so despaired when your not there. If you can’t come again I’ll meet you at the pearly gates I just hope that you will wait.” The Widow kisses him one last time and like a cloud of dust the morning sky has banished him again. Still the Widow knows she’ll have to wait until she is reunited with her beloved. So she waits. So she waits.