The White Blanket

The canopy bed dominated the room. It was rich in Greek architecture and stained a deep shade of brown. It wasn’t new. Yet, it wasn’t old either. It was certainly not an antique. Sophie wanted an antique bed, but they were all too small. The largest she’d found was a full. That wouldn’t do. So she chose the one that now resided in her bedroom.

Sophie hopped up the stairs and into her bedroom in preparation for bed. It was almost four in the morning. Her eyes immediately fell on the disheveled canopy bed. Red sheets. Red comforter. Red Blanket. White blanket. Red Comforter. Sophie eyed the white blanket suspiciously. There was not supposed to be a white blanket on her perfectly red bed. Furthermore, it had fringe.

Sophie walked a little closer. The blanket definitely had fringe. She didn’t know whose bed it belonged on, but it did not belong on hers. It was harassing the other blankets. Sophie could feel it. She reached over and pulled the small red blanket off the white blanket. She was careful not to touch the white blanket with her hand or any part of her body. She didn’t want to be corrupted by it.

Once the small red blanket was mostly free, she yanked, drawing the blanket close and cuddling it. She glanced around the room. She needed a spot for the blanket in her arms. The floor would not do. She opted to lay it across a chair.

Sophie turned back to the bed. No other red blankets touched the white blanket, but it was still laying ominously across the foot of the bed. Sophie inhaled. She stared at the white blanket. She supposed she could sleep on the top half of the bed, but what if her foot accidentally touched the white blanket in her sleep. She could just see that white blanket twisting around her foot and trapping her in the bed. She’d wake screaming unable to get out of bed. She could see herself struggling to get free while the white blanket slowly crept up her legs and bound her to the bed.

In fact, it looked like it wanted to attack her right now. The fringe reminded her of tiny sharp teeth. Sharp teeth that were just waiting to bite into her skin. Sophie took a step back. Evil white blanket. There had to be a way to get that blanket off the bed without touching it.

Sophie glared at it, willing it not to move. She had an idea. Sophie ran out of the bedroom and down the hall to the closet. She opened the door. There it was. The large straw broom. She pulled it out. Sophie walked back to her bedroom and turned the broom until she was holding the sweeper end. She carefully twisted the blanket around the handle. Once the evil blanket was securely wrapped around the broom handle, she lifted it. The white blanket slowly came off the bed.

Now she had to get the blanket out of the room. Slowly, she walked to the open door, looked up and down both ends of the hall and then flung the blanket off the broom. It flew six feet down the hall. Sophie threw the broom on top of the blanket, smashing it to the floor.

Sophie slammed her bedroom door and leaned against it, breathing a sigh of relief. Her bed was free. She walked over to the uncorrupted bed and slid beneath the remaining two red comforters. Sophie curled within the blankets and around her pillows. She was safe and sound asleep.