The Ultimate Fighter : Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode Two

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos is the thirteenth season of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The first season of the Ultimate Fighter featured fighters who are mainstays in the UFC. Stephen Bonnar, Mike Swick, Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck, Chris Leben and Kenny Florian are all well-known names in the UFC and were MMA fighters in The Ultimate Fighter season one.

Episode Two

The show begins with Junior dos Santos’ team training hard and talking about their victory. Junior dos Santos tells Keon Caldwell did a good job in training, however he had to puke and he already missed being with his family. Keon Caldwell decides he wants to give up because he wants to be with his daughter. Junior dos Santos does not like this and he tells Caldwell he would lose a major opportunity if he left the house.

Brock Lesnar hates to lose and he expected to lose the first fight. Lesnar believes the first pick was horrible for his team, he believes all of his fighters need more wrestling so he is trying to teach them. Brock Lesnar uses a bunch of cuss words to get his points over to his team. The team worries Brock might kill them if they lose the next time.

Dana White comes out to the workout looking for Keon Caldwell. Dana White talks to Keon Caldwell, Dana White tells him to focus on why he came here in the first place. Dana White asks Keon if he wants to be a fighter and if he wants to be in the UFC. Keon Caldwell says he wants to be a fighter and he wants to be in the UFC. Keon Caldwell just can’t handle it; he leaves and goes home to be with his daughter. Dana White is grumpy, but is happy it happened early.

Fight Announcement

Chris Cope vs. Javier Torres, this could be another mismatch for the Brock Lesnar team and he is worried about the fight. Junior dos Santos team believes Chris Cope is afraid to fight Javier Torres and they comment on how he was shaking during the fight announcement. Brock Lesnar is trying to give Chris Cope tips, but he is not impressed with him. He hopes Chris Cope comes out and fights the fight of his life.

Brock Lesnar sits his team down and gives them a pep talk. He tells Chris Cope he will do anything to win if he wants to be champion. Not a bad pep talk, Chris Cope is a very nervous fighter; any given Sunday is the theme for him.

Fight Day Chris Cope vs. Javier Torres

Dana White announces the fight and gives his luck to the two fighter

Round One: Javier Torres grabs hold of Chris Cope and pushes him against the cage; Chris Cope tries to get under hooks. He mauls Torres and Chris Cope finally brings the fight back to the middle of the cage. Javier Torres slams Cope on the ground and gets his back, they stand back up. Torres mauls Cope against the cage again and they finally meet back in the middle of the cage. Cope lands a decent punch, but it causes no damage. Javier Torres loves to stomp on Cope’s feet. Chris Cope lands a nice forearm to the face of Torres, Torres lands a weak knee, Chris Cope has a nasty cut around his eye that is bleeding at the end of round one. A tough win for Javier Torres in round one

Between rounds is a great advertisement for the sold out UFC 130

Round Two: Chris Cope lands a quick right at the start of the round and moves Torres to the corner, his eye continues to bleed. Blood in running down the face of Chris Cope, he uses knees, kicks and punches to ward off Javier Torres. Javier Torres controls Chris Cope by holding him in the corner and landing a few knees. Chris Cope lands elbows and knees, Torres fights back. Cope is making round two much more interesting than round one, he is actually fighting in this round. Torres lands a good leg kick that hurts Cope, but Cope fights on. Cope has been impressive in round two, but I am not the judge. This fight should go to a third round.

Round Three: Both fighters come out kicking in the third round, Chris Cope wants this fight, but does he have enough to beat Javier Torres? Chris Cope gets Javier Torres on the ground for a few seconds, but Torres gets back up. Torres looks like the more tired fighter, Cope lands some good punches and his eye is still bleeding down his cheeks. Cope is controlling Torres through most of the third round, he lands kicks and a few punches. Cope lands another forearm near the end of the round. Chris Cope should win the fight, but I am no judge. He ends the fight with his hands up in the air and his face bloody. Chris Cope wins the fight and surprises the world. Brock Lesnar has control of the fights now. Chris showed incredible perseverance and heart. Brock Lesnar is happy and Junior dos Santos team is upset.

Next week, team dos Santos will welcome a new fighter to replace Keon Caldwell. Next week Junior dos Santos coach will take things too far in training and there will also be problems in the Brock Lesnar camp. Tune in to Spike TV or come here to check out the results.

Team Junior dos Santos 1 Team Brock Lesnar 1

As you can see, the fighters for the Ultimate Fighter 13 are unknown hopefuls who will be formed and trained into UFC caliber fighters by Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos. All UFC fans know Lesnar and dos Santos can fight, but can they coach? The Ultimate Fighter 13 will show us the answer to this question and more. The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos will start tonight March 30,2011 live on Spike TV at 9 PM eastern time. The finale will be held on June 4, 2011 at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Enjoy the show; it should be interesting and filled with action. Come back next week for Episode three of the Ultimate Fighter 13.


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