The Ultimate Fighter : Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode One

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos is the thirteenth season of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The first season of the Ultimate Fighter featured fighters who are mainstays in the UFC. Stephen Bonnar, Mike Swick, Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck, Chris Leben and Kenny Florian are all well-known names in the UFC and were MMA fighters in The Ultimate Fighter season one.

Episode One

The show begins showing everybody how Brock Lesnar became UFC Heavyweight champion, now he is defeated. They also show Junior dos Santos and talk about his three years of MMA fighting without defeat. The introduction is cool and hopefully the show does not disappoint.

Dana White watches the fighters arrive and he welcomes them the UFC training center. They do not have to fight their way into the house this season. Dana White cannot help himself; he cusses in the first minute of the show. Dana White introduces the team to their coaches. Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos are two huge heavyweights. The coaches get two hours to watch the fighters before they choose teams.

The Coaches Picks

Brock Lesnar-Len Bentley, Charles Rader, Chris Cope, Miles Jury (out), Chuck O’Neil (takes Miles place), Nordin Asrih, Clay Harvison, Anthony Ferguson,

Junior dos Santos-Shamar Bailey, Ryan Mcgillivray, Zack Davis, Nick Bowman, Keon Caldwell, Javier Torres, Ramsey Nijem,

Miles Jury tore his knee and the Dr. tells him he cannot fight-He is upset, he talks to Dana White about it, Dana White tells him he cannot stay and has to go and get his knee fixed.

The First Fight: Junior dos Santos chooses Shamar Bailey to fight Nordin Asrih from Germany

Shamar Bailey vs. Nordin Asrih

Round One: Nordin is a stand up fighter and Bailey is a great wrestler, the two men step into the center of the ring. Dana White comes out to announce the fight, good luck guys. Shamar goes for the take-down and slams Nordin on to the mat. He gets side control, but Nordin has him in a headlock, Shamar works his way into position and knees Nordin in the ribs, the fighters stand back up and Shamar slams Nordin back down on to the mat. Shamar lands a couple of decent punches from the top. He is much better on the ground than Nordin. Shamar controls the whole first round and lands some decent ground and pound, an easy round one win for Shamar, although boring for the fans.

Round Two: Nordin tries a kick and falls on to the ground, Shamar jumps on him and gets the mount, he throws a few elbows to the face of Nordin. Nordin manages to get the advantage for a minute, but winds up on his back again. Shamar has side control. Nordin takes more punishment in round two; the elbows fly towards his face. Shamar gets the mount again and Nordin gives up his back. Shamar begins to ground and pound near the end of the round, Nordin has no answer. Easy win for Team Junior dos Santos, boring but a win. Dana White was not happy about the slow boring fight, but it was a win. Brock Lesnar lets his team know that wrestling is powerful in MMA fighting.

Team Junior dos Santos 1 Team Brock Lesnar 0

As you can see, the fighters for the Ultimate Fighter 13 are unknown hopefuls who will be formed and trained into UFC caliber fighters by Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos. All UFC fans know Lesnar and dos Santos can fight, but can they coach? The Ultimate Fighter 13 will show us the answer to this question and more. The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos will start tonight March 30,2011 live on Spike TV at 9 PM eastern time. The finale will be held on June 4, 2011 at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Enjoy the show; it should be interesting and filled with action. Come back next week for Episode two of the Ultimate Fighter 13.

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