The Top 10 Interior Design Apps

Just when you thought you really couldn’t do everything possible with your smart phone or tablet, think again. Most people probably don’t think about interior design when they pick up their iPhone, but now you can. Below are the top 10 best interior design apps and how they work.

1- Home Interior Ideas HD: The Home Interior Ideas HD app, designed by overdamped, is truly the next innovation in interior design apps. The app won the “Top Paid iPad App of the Year” in 2010 and for a good reason- it’s awesome! It features 6 key categories (living room, bedroom, kitchen/dining room, bathroom, pool/outdoor and home interior) and allows you to customize your own home with numerous different interior design ideas, ideas on how to improve your own home, and much more. Plus, it’s all in high-definition which means the graphics are excellent. To purchase the Home Interior Ideas HD app for iPad for $1.99 click here.

2- Ben Color Capture: If you’re in the process of remodeling your home, the Ben Color Capture app, developed by Benjamin Moore, is a must have. It uses the latest technology to allow you to take a picture of any paint color on a wall, car, object, etc. (you can even take a picture of a room in a magazine) and the app will match it with a very similar (or sometimes the exact!) Benjamin Moore paint color. So, no more guessing where to buy that dining room color you’re in love with in the latest interior design magazines. It also allows you to browse through inspirational pictures, create color combos, etc. And, best of all, it’s free! To download the Ben Color Capture, available for iPhone models and Android phones, click here.

3- Mark on Call: If you’re serious about interior design, this is the perfect app for you. Mark on Call, developed by M.O.C. Interior Design, can truly do it all. To start, it can design rooms to the actual size/layout of the room you’re trying to design, and allows you to add floors, place furniture, etc. all with just a few taps. You can also share your work with other designers, your friends, etc. in just a few seconds. The Mark on Call app has been called an “assistant in your pocket” by numerous top design magazines, and once you download it, you’ll see why. It can do everything you’ve wanted in an interior design app..for only $2.99. The Mark on Call app is available for iPhone models, iPod Touch and the iPad. To download, click here.

4- Home Sizer: If you’re in the process of building a new home, or considering it, the Home Sizer app developed by Armchair Design, is perfect for you. Home Sizer allows you to do two major things- calculate the size in square footage (or other measurements) of an existing home or estimate the sizes and functions of a future home. It also allows you to estimate the cost per square footage, design your home measurements right on the app, calculate your estimated mortgage payment, and much more. It’s perfect for those getting ready to design their own home, and is a must have for builders as well. Home Sizer is available to download for $2.99 and is available for iPhone models, iPod Touch and the iPad. To download, click here.

5- I.D. Wood: Another perfect app for those looking to remodel their current home or building their dream home, the I.D. Wood app, developed by Double Dog Studios, allows you to scroll through over 160 different wood samples for your floors, cabinets, etc. It also features full size sample photos, a guidebook with advice from popular interior designers, wood makers, architects, etc. worldwide, and shows you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the exact type of wood you’re considering for your home, including cost, durability, descriptions, common usages, etc. The I.D. Wood app is available for iPhone models, iPod Touch and the iPad and can be purchased for $4.99 by clicking here.

6- Dream Home: If you often find yourself clipping out magazine pictures of perfectly designed rooms, then the Dream Home app, designed by Apalon, is perfect for you. The Dream Home app is full of thousands of picture galleries of numerous different homes, rooms, and design types, and allows you to clip the photos you like right there and save them. You can also upload pictures of rooms you’ve designed, rate others photos, and much more. The Dream Home app is available for iPhone models, iPod Touch and the iPad for $1.99 but a free version is also available if you want to try it before you buy the full version. You can download the paid version here or the free version here.

7- Interior Design Photo Library: The Interior Design Photo Library, developed by NEC Biglobe, features thousands of North American home galleries that you can browse through to get great interior design ideas and also will show you great ideas on how to use existing pieces of furniture you already own, such as a canopy bed or what to do with that space above your fireplace. The Interior Design Photo Library is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $0.99 and can be downloaded here.

8- Home Improvement Glossary: If you’re new to interior designing, home makeovers, and do it yourself projects, then the Home Improvement Glossary, developed by Deep Powder Software, will really help you out. The app is extremely easy to use and features thousands of popular and not so popular terms that will often come up in your home improvement projects, what they mean, and it’s all laid out in an easy to read (and easy to search) format. The Home Improvement Glossary app is available for $0.99 and can be used with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. To download, click here.

9- SwedeShop: If you’re an Ikea addict, this is the perfect app for you. SwedeShop, developed by Danilo Campos, is the unofficial Ikea shopping app which makes shopping or browsing for new interior design products from your phone a breeze. The SwedeShop app even shows you what aisle you can find the perfect product in at your local Ikea store, and gives you design ideas. The SwedeShop app is available for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $0.99 and can be downloaded here.

10- Evernote: If you have binders and binders of designs you can condense all of those to your smartphone by using the Evernote app, developed by Evernote. The app allows you to snap pictures of your favorite fabrics, room designs, furniture, and so much more and organize it all onto this handy (and free!) organizational app. The Evernote app is the perfect way to get organized and it’s laid out in an extremely easy to use format. The app is available for Windows Mobile, iPad, iPod Touch, the iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberry, and Android phones by clicking here.