“The TEA Party is NOT the Solution to Our Problem — the TEA Party is the Problem!”

After deciding to write this opinion piece the twist on Ronald Reagan’s now famous line about government being the problem quickly jumped into my head. Since the conservatives decided to band together under the TEA party banner so to speak in this country they were quickly attacked by the left and the “lamestream” media. One has to ask themselves why? Obviously the left considered them a serious problem since they did everything they could to squash the TEA party revolution from taking root in America. TEA partiers were called old, simple minded, racist, old-fashioned, prude, buffoons by almost every left based group in America. Now Howard Dean and a few others are once again vocal in blaming the TEA partiers for all the problems in America instead of accepting any of the blame themselves.

How long have the democrats in this country been in control of the House, Senate, and now the White House? How about in state and local governments? How much debt does America have at city, state, and federal levels? The economy doesn’t get as bad as it is overnight…it takes time, and who has been at the helm for all this time? Don’t get me wrong I’m a strict independent myself and a realist. I blame both sides of the aisle for the messes we are in, however the Republicans (maybe it is just window dressing) have at least stood up and said in a roundabout way that they have made mistakes. They even have promised us that things will be different, yet we haven’t seen that really go into full swing yet. I personally feel that the problem isn’t with just one political party or any specific group…the problem is the old school politicians playing the political game as usual.

Now I have attended various TEA parties over the past two years locally and on the federal level. I marched in Washington DC even at TEA party/Conservative events and I don’t see a bunch of white, over 55, racists. I see a wonderful mix of people…all together under the name Americans that have a deep concern for the future of this country. We have come to realize that we must learn from our mistakes and that history shows us what works and what doesn’t. Yet we have been branded as living in the past and being old fashioned. Well the fact of the matter is this…the great experiment known as the United States, the actions of our Founding Fathers, and of course the Constitution has created a nation…a form of government that is now the third longest lasting form of government in all of world history! Something must be right in the equation here don’t you think. Have we made mistakes as a nation? Of course we have! It is time we learn from those mistakes. To openly and peacefully welcome debate on issues not just attack those with opposing views! However the politicians mainly on the left and the news media cannot have a peaceful and open debate. We are wrong and they will do anything they can to brand those opposing views as crazy, evil, and wrong. Yet this is the strategy of the left it seems.

A few months ago I heard of something called the UFO strategy when talking about the left’s agenda. I’m not sure who originally started it, but it is brilliant. Let’s say for the sake of this point that UFO’s are real. What would be the best way to hide the fact that they exist…paint the people that believe as “crazy” through the media and other venues so that society begins to believe it? Suddenly you can see a UFO for yourself and won’t believe it. That’s what they are doing here in a very real way. Not everything the conservative right in this country says is true. Emotions often overshadow some of the facts in some people, but the core beliefs of the TEA party are simple. Limit the size of government and its spending to promote a better economy and establish fiscal responsibility. To assure our rights established by the Constitution remain in order to maintain a free society. That’s it! We don’t want a revolution nor do we want to establish a new government. Yet we are the problem.

Wasn’t it the left that was instrumental in starting the Klu Klux Klan? Wasn’t it the left that spearheaded the violence in the 60’s? Every time you see violence erupt in this country if you dig deep enough you find all kinds of connections to the left in America. Now suddenly the silent majority isn’t silent anymore and is out to see these country club politicians in all parties being told to shape up or be voted out. They are scared. Remember everyone they are obviously not fighting for the best interest of our country they are out to keep their cushy little high paying government salaries. They have been in politics so long that they have no idea how to transition back into the private sector if they lose their seats in Washington DC. It’s all about them and it’s so obvious! The big names in politics are so egotistical and self centered it’s sickening. If they were really out for what is best for the country they wouldn’t be arguing tooth and nail over fiscal responsibility.

No one will ever really know for sure what these politicians personal agendas are at all…we can only rely on the facts we see. All I know is that the first amendment of our Constitution clearly says we have a right to free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to peacefully assemble to voice those opinions and that is exactly what the TEA party is doing. You don’t have to agree with anything they stand for at all, but you must respect their rights. After all they respect the rights of other opposing group to do the same. Have they called on the unions to stop in Wisconsin and Ohio? No they have not…countered the protests perhaps, but never called for them to be silenced! Did they call them names or degrade them? Not at all and if they did accuse them of something there was countless videos and photos taken of the unions in action to back up the claims made against them. The fact of the matter is this…for a public official paid for by ALL of our taxpayer dollars to stand up and viciously attack a group because they oppose their personal politics is irresponsible and should be held against the politician for doing so.