The Sound of Your Voice Could Charge Cell Phone Batteries

New technology could use the sound of your voice to charge your cell phone battery. According to an article written by Peter Verenczi, Mobeledia, “South Korean researchers, using nanoscale zinc-oxide strands sandwiched between electrodes, are turning the vibrations of speech into electricity.” This scavenged power has huge potential!

“Sound power can be used for various novel applications including cellular phones that can be charged during conversations and sound-insulating walls near highways that generate electricity from the sound of passing vehicles,” said Dr. Sang-Woo Kim, who developed the technology.

How does this new technology work? According to a blog posted by Mother Nature Network, “The technology is made possible by tiny strands of zinc oxide that are sandwiched between two electrodes. As a sound-absorbing pad atop the device vibrates to ambient noise, it causes the zinc oxide wires to compress and release. This movement is what generates the electrical current.” The louder the sounds, the more energy produced. Pretty cool idea.

This new technology has a way to go before it becomes practical. According to an article by Richard Gray, Science Correspondent for the Telegraph, “A prototype of the technology was able to convert sound of around 100 decibels – the equivalent of noisy traffic – to generate 50 millivolts of electricity.” For any measurable power to be generated by your voice on a cell phone you would need to shout. However the potential for this technology boggles the mind. Imagine harnessing environmental noise like traffic or construction noise to power street lamps. Music at concerts could be used to generate the electricity to power up the speaker systems. As far as using it for charging your cell phone, you would never have to worry about having a flat battery as long as you were in a noisy environment like a club or a concert. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t you love the ever expanding new technologies? Nokia has patented a mechanism to harvest kinetic energy, such as the bouncing of a phone in a pocket when someone is walking, for charging batteries. Of course all of this is still in the future, so in the meantime you will still need a good battery for your cell phone, especially if you have one of the newer 4G Smartphones which suck the battery life like a camel at an oasis. For example, you can get a great EVO 4G Extended Battery at batteries4less.

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