The Razor Ground Force Go Kart: Tons of Fun in a Small Package

There’s no doubt about what the Ground Force is: a cool, little speedster go cart. With its solid 4.5 inch street tires, it’s really at home on pavement or hard packed, flat tracks. It’s a great break from the usual neighborhood kids machine, with enough performance to thrill but not too much to frighten.

This machine is faster than some of the other entry-level Razor products designed for 8+ yr olds (though many users are younger than that), like the Razor Dune Buggy and Razor E100 scooter. Those topped out around 10 mph, but the Ground Force can get up to 12 mph. It may not seem like much, but when you’re slung in 2 inches off the ground zipping along the neighborhood, it’s plenty!

One benefit of such a low riding design is that it’s quite hard to tip over, a good thing when you’re cornering or doing donuts. One downside of that, though, is the low profile makes it hard to see. It does come with a flag, but Razor understandably recommends this be kept to controlled environments free of traffic hazards and off public streets. Good advice with any motorized kids’ device, really, but especially with a go-kart.

Features of the Razor Ground Force:

* Steel frame for durability and safety
* Upgraded rear axle for increased maneuverability and enhanced steering
* Molded aluminum wheels and solid 4.5 inch tires for a smooth ride
* Quiet variable speed, chain driven motor
* Easy to use handlebar throttle and brake
* Shoulder seat belt and flag for operator safety
* Up to 45 minutes or more of continuous use on a single charge
* Powerful fun at speeds up to 12 mph

Other specifications:

* Product Weight: 55 lbs
* Assembled Product Dimensions: 41’³ x 29’³ x 16’³
* 24V (2 12V) sealed lead acid battery
* Rechargeable UL approved battery and charger included
* Small amount of assembly required; tools included

The Ground Force is a zippy street speedster (meaning that it’s not an off-road model, not that it should literally be used on public streets!), with plenty of pep and loads of excitement.

Things that are great about it:

* Solid performance, reliable Razor quality
* Speed and size to match younger/smaller riders
* Fast and fun, but not too much for most riders
* Very maneuverable and agile
* Steel frame and shoulder harness seat belt for rider safety
* Small enough to easily store and transport

Things that could be better:

* Not a large go kart, kids may outgrow it
* Has just enough speed that it may be too much for very young riders
* Safety flag isn’t very high visibility, especially with low clearance design


The Razor Ground Force Go Kart is an exciting electric go kart for riders 8 years old and up, with the possibility of use for younger riders if they’re ready and properly supervised. It may be too much for very young or inexperienced riders, but in a controlled, flat environment, this is a very fun low-riding package for a very affordable price.

For a more detailed review of this cool little go kart, including video of it in action, go to Razor Ground Force Review. And for more on Razor scooters and electric ride-ons of ALL types, check out Razor Scooter Reviews Online.