The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards Its More a Relationship Do You Love it or Hate It!

Ah, credit cards touted as endeavors that one must never leave home without or defines a status if not in wallet. Its value stated in dollars and cents and the results end in priceless things all the marketing gimmicks to make you give in. That credit is your greatest asset you own in reality it is the most valuable asset you owe them. So here are their top reasons to own unsecured forms of credit their pros against the common sense side cons. To have and to hold from this day forward is but your choice whether a great love expectation or a path to a deplorable messy divorce.

The Silver Tray Treatment (Prestige of the Card)
Pro: In olden days ones name was printed on a card and it was enough by your name alone to enjoy a fine meal at an exclusive dining establishment. Standing invitation first to all the great venues. Hence done by the gilded era elite. Now today you can have that treatment, that you too are a refined gentleman or elegant debutant of era past. On that piece of plastic they print your name with utmost care.

Con: Those gilded era elite had wealth you do not have as the Rockerfellers’ and Goulds’ lived in multi-roomed mansions with servants to tend every whim. One vast difference they’re crisp clean ivory embossed cards only boldly stated their names even spouses or children. While to really understand the truth of your status you share your name with a number and is your name printed bold in the center. No, look again the number takes center stage and you name printed much smaller a hint as off right in the corner. You are nothing more but another number; oh wait who owns that card look at the name listed at the top, sorry you get the same listing as a gilded era mistress of era-gone-by enjoy the clandestine affair. Hey we can’t all be robber barons just know who holds that title today!

Go Paper less Is Green Its So Hassle-Free (Cards are Eco-Friendly)
Pro: Its’ so much better to be paperless, no deforestation of trees. The energy the effort such a small insignificant breeze as if stolen it would surely be replaced the security. No, more trips to ATM it is greener than to carry past presidents of reverence those founders bear no future on today the old and steady way.

Con: Back upon dial-up days the mailbox filled with so many offers it was interest free for months to a year. Once they had you then it was earn points to day when shopping this way and get more out of your spending value. Ah, all the glossy paper ads if you don’t have you must get one or if you have one you must spend it each day. Now that technology has changed those paperless ways are but finite yet no one has noticed your inbox or spam that fills with offers get one or spend and then your surely save some thousand generated each and every day. Don’t forget those payback checks linked to your card no penalty to spend as your please beyond your limit as you have 30 days to pay it all down please. Oh, yes it is hassle-free to be encouraged each day to get deeper in debt and the barrage of cutesy commercials that makes one say as Winnie-the-Pooh said, “Oh Bother!” So it is paper versus plastic in the recycling as paperless green but aren’t dollars called greenbacks?

Protection You Can’t Live Without (Your Secret Is Safe With Us)
Pro: You seen the commercials if in case your card is stolen or misused running you up with debt and the thieves get away with a fortune. Today they have generate photo ID cards, and insurance for credit card fraud to ensure you are not saddled with the bill. The old commercials showing tired middle aged and elderly mocking the voices of the thieves. Then a multi-millionaire digging in a dumpster for his card he lost while protection issued him a new one with no worries.

Con: Yes, there is protection for a fee the average consumer will invest more money than what is taken ever why cause in the time you contact them they can deactivate the card in 5 minutes or less. That’s how long it takes to activate a new card that you receive after an expiration date replacement. The truth be told there protection is daunting especially on-line purchase protection cause the security feature is that little four digit code for security that no on-line purchase can be made. Safe right cause it is like a secret code but if in case you forget it is printed right in back of the card don’t worry the thief won’t look your secret is safe with us!

Point A to Point B You Can Go For Miles and Miles (Distance of Debt Is Far)
Pro: The greatest features are the rewards the more you spend the more points you gain not to mention those air miles. Yes, you too can gain points toward special rewards purchases direct from that special catalog where you can buy elite and top of the line items. The mile rewards ah, think about the tropical sunny beach locations enjoying that little fruity cocktails with the beautiful people in bikinis. But wait join the savings rewards shop with select vendors and save more great deal right free shipping and no service charges if it becomes lost or stolen in shipping.

Con: You must spend a lot to accumulate those rewards but have you thought add the spending, interest and time you could have purchased that elite item long ago for less. That savings program well they have price listings just made for you if you comparison shop it is higher than the savings rewards add the calculation of purchase interest versus free shipping the savings are not as they seem. Those miles yes they may have accumulated with no restriction dates or black-out-dates but lets be honest. How often will you have time to take off for that tropical get-a-way someone has to work longer hours to payback the interest racked up with air rewards. Yes, it so much better to reward yourself with something you paid for twice to go thru security frisking and enjoy that tropical paradise see the occasional 50 yr old European man in a thong, oh the possibilities are endless as you saved them and not you!

On Service You Can Trust Anything Less Is Not The Best (I hate to see the worst)
Pro: Yes, it service that you can trust if your card is lost or stolen. It can easily be replaced no questions asked? Then an array of services that make life’s simple problems so much easier. There is payment protection in case you can’t pay so if you lost your job no worries. Get insurance is such a breeze and credit protection tracking is such a great plan. All these various wonderful services that gives you that piece of mind it is simply just the best.

Con: Replacement is they’re most expedient way as they want you to continue spending but wait did you see. That card they replaced they did not change your credit card account number. Most stolen purchases are unknown as thieves may make card replacement requests cause the security measures have been acquired. Loose your job then just call us and take advantage of the services you paid for good luck! If you ever noticed the customer service numbers on card, on paper bill and on line are all are different. Most are duds canceled numbers to services that you have entrusted. It is hours on hold elevator music, with interjections of ads for the other services you can buy. Get a live voice they transfer you but just incase give you another number to call then it is dropped. Now, calling that number and find out it has been canceled and please call another number and finally if a person who says they can help, hello from India can you understand my dialect. You have them access your account then call back in three to four days, you call back that number and it too is no response. Now this is the best that they can do, I would surely hate to see their worst wouldn’t you!

For every pro there is a con the most heavily marketed is but white washing jobs. The honest truth the value of them is if you really don’t need them. Unfortunately, more businesses are moving and restricting the average consumer without you giving them a credit card number as clear access to your finances. Buy a plane ticket in cash your under suspicion for incredulous activity, and all businesses offer automatic payment options on your card. The recent savings trend are DVD rentals kiosks are out there touted as quick and safe but they store remotely your transaction data like all card readers at all businesses. Now what is the chance the next crime that is planned to steal mass consumer credit data via these machines? Ops-a-daisy, it has already happened when a credit-scoring agency lost some 12 million consumers credit-reporting data storage in a storage facility via the “Internet” a few years ago. Then you must think that in some place else customer service is out sourced too.

Whether India or Timbuktu it gives one hope, it might be source of all that spam from the bank of Nigeria. Don’t believe well do a search since 1998 data loss has occurred almost yearly and one customer service contractor has outsourced their contracts to handle service to even cheaper contractors out side our country. Yeah, South Africa is developing fiber optic capabilities for a reason. As of today one must have faith and strategy that finances won’t fall in the wrong hands of terrorists, as hoping the FBI don’t knock on your door and ask did you buy a IED on your card? I’m sorry to say it’s a relationship either a beautiful marriage with those in-laws from hell if lucky or just a one night stand some times you get well you know, it is either Phillips or Flat head you must choose. Just make sure you’re really ready to work hard in managing the relationship and to take the financial plunge! Know the risks and develop your strategy and you can maybe evade that messy divorce.