The Nook Color Offers Many Uses for a Great Price

When it comes to electronic readers, or e-readers, the Nook Color stands out. However, the Nook Color also serves as a nice entry level tablet PC, thanks to the modified version of the Android operating system available as an update. The seven-inch touchscreen has remarkable quality with a 1024 X 600 resolution; pictures and illustrations spring to life on the virtual page. Since the device has a full-color screen, which is something that many e-readers simply do not have, magazines and news feeds can be fully experienced.

As an e-reader, the Nook Color is superb. The unit weighs less than a pound, and can easily connect to any available Wi-Fi connection to download a title. Titles download fast, which allows users to start reading their selection quickly. The Nook Color is a Barnes & Noble device, but will support a few different types of e-book formats, such as DOC, PDF, and TXT, so the majority of an existing library is easily imported.

The Nook Color also supports music files and picture files, which are easily transportable from a computer to the device. The device has an onboard storage capacity of 8GB, but is easily expandable thanks to the presence of a MicroSD slot. Depending on the size of the chosen card, the Nook Color can easily handle thousands of books, pictures, and songs.

The Android operating system also allows Nook Color buyers to purchase apps. The app store offers different types of games and other interesting programs. While users do not get access to the entire library of Android apps, Barnes & Noble has a developer program and the number of great apps will only grow over time. Generally, app libraries grow by leaps and bounds. Plus, the popularity of the Nook Color will drive more and more developers into the market.

The Nook Color carries a price tag in the $250 range. While a little more expensive than other e-readers on the market, it is also a little less than many tablet PCs on the market. Users are able to transport a number of books and magazines, plus are able to surf the web with flash support. This e-reader offers up a ton of potential.

Hybrid devices that cross genres are great cost-savers. While many tablet computers offer up apps to have them act as e-readers, their purchase price makes them limited options. The seven-inch color touchscreen responds perfectly, and the unit easily connects to Wi-Fi hotspots. Finding a device with multiple user options means it can help satisfy a number of tech needs.