The NFL is Up to Chance

The future of the NFL is up to chance at this time. Greed, in part, both by the owners and the players, is to blame. Is this what we have come to in competitive sporting events? Is it really the bank account that matters more than the game? There was a time when one enjoyed playing the game for the sport of it, but it seems these days, things have gotten to the point where one believes the more you have in your bank account is what makes you the greater player. I do not see how the amount of pay should be what determines the effort a player puts forth on the field.

As we approach that long-awaited time of year when the NFL is preparing for the upcoming season, we are all still in wonder as to if there will even be a 2011 season.

NFL owners and players alike need to come to an agreement on salary, and greed should be taken completely out of the equation. Both sides, owners and players, have been exceptionally greedy through all these negotiations. Haven’t we all learned and been taught that greed will get us nowhere in life?

I, for one, am not looking forward to missing out on what I consider to be the most exciting time of the year (with the exception of Christmas morning). I am sure there are thousands of others out there who feel the same as I on the issue.

I believe salaries should be more realistic and not so competitive. The competitiveness should be left for on the field, not the bank account. Each owner should be offering the same salary for their players. Dallas cowboys, Pittsburg Steelers, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, etc., should all offer the same salary for a new contract recruit out of college. Then the salary for a more experienced player in the NFL should be paid the same as player from another team with the same experience, and so on. This would bring back the fun to playing and watching the competitive play on the field.

Some of these players are not putting forth their best effort, and this is due to they will be paid this outrageous salary regardless, all because of some contract stating that because they played exceptionally well for one or two seasons, that they are entitled to some unreasonable salary. And once the contract for said salary is signed, then they just lay down and show up but not to the best of their playing ability because they will still get paid, regardless.

Players in the NFL are looked up to by young children, adults and people everywhere. I firmly believe all NFL players should be required to present and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Players that break the law should be given the same treatment for the offense as you or I. There should be no exceptions – a zero tolerance policy should go into effect and be held to.

All these things would make for more productive game play, and the competitiveness on the field would be just that, once again, competitive. As it stands, the competitiveness is not on the field but in the bank account. Ability to play the game and experience in the NFL should be what determines the salary of players.