The New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary Turns Out to Be Embarrassing, Ignorant, & Hateful

The New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary was the biggest folly I’ve seen yet in 2011. A farce, a cartoon, a showdown between a bunch of slick-haired yahoos. The only resemblance to intelligence I saw was from Congressman Ron Paul. And I sharply disagree with his economic stance. I heartily support his civil liberties stance and his withdrawing of US troops from their various stations around the world, but I fear libertarianism. I can’t imagine anything worse than a totally deregulated pack of hunger powerful wolves like Wall Street without any governing referee.

Gingrich was relatively smart. And I have a new found relationship with him.

Herman Cain is an absolute bigot and hateful pizza man who seems to have had more prosperity than he deserves. He is suspicious of American Muslims. He isn’t comfortable around Muslims, because some Muslims want to kill him. This is the hatred and stomping out of civil liberties that America should most loudly oppose. Herman Cain is an enemy to a free civil society. And he’s a yahoo. And an hysteric.

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Michele Bachmann’s drunk and acts like the little girl who wants to get appreciative nods from the smooth-talking, slick-haired, hands-on Mitt Romney. Romney is a used car salesman to the tenth degree.

Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty can jump off a cliff together and hold hands all the way down. They are nothing more than two pieces of frozen cod stuffed in dark suits. They are for deregulating Wall Street. They are for stripping the EPA of its powers. They do not flinch while suggesting corporate America rape and pillage the earth, and most of all the American people. Let the corporations decide how best to make their own profits. Let Wall Street destroy the middle class. That creates jobs, they say. Well, it creates a few jobs, pays poverty level wages, and destroys the earth all the while. Nice job, boys.

These people are American terrorists. These people wish to strip the rights from you. They are opposed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And the pursuit of knowledge. Most of these candidates are boobies and bumpkins. They are embarrassing the American public. I have not been so depressed in the past few weeks as I am after having watched half of this Republican New Hampshire primary debate.

And the worst of it all is that we don’t have a great president in office. We have a murderous president who carries out drone attacks against one of his own people (an American living in Yemen) without having charged him with anything. Eroding civil rights is not a partisan issue. Obama is helping it right along. He is one of the biggest proponents of violently chasing after anybody he thinks might be a terrorist. Forget habeas corpus. Forget your first and fourth amendments.

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What kind of election are we going to have in 2012? An election between an incumbent who has not regulated Wall Street and a slick-willy booby bumpkin who wants to totally deregulate Wall Street and every other aspect of the American business world.

There is very little hope for us these days. I will not be depressed for long. But for the moment, I’m in an ugly mood. And John, the CNN Republican debate host is not making that mood any better with his This or That segment. Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Blackberry or iPhone? What stupid questions. That’s how we get to know our candidates? Why not ask them if they support busting down the doors of people who have been to anti-war protests? Why not ask Pawlenty if he thinks it’s groovy that we are now taking strikes at an American citizen living abroad without even charging him or giving him a trial first?

Why not ask Santorum if he prefers vaginal or anal intercourse? Why not ask Herman Cain if he prefers bigotry or xenophobia? What a bunch of yahoos! A bunch of bumpkins.


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