The Last Sheriff

Howdy Folks! Listen and you shall hear of how the West was won. You see long before you and I were born, way back when before texting and the Internet, times were tough and men were mean. This is back in the day of Cowboys, Outlaws, high noon and lone Sheriffs. Shootouts and duels were the order of the day every time that hot dessert sun was mid-sky. This was a time when innocent grown men who called themselves Gentlemen would stay inside scared like children.

You see the outlaws had taken over the West, bank robbers, gangs of gunmen and thieves were the rule of law in Texas in which every Sheriff who was so lucky ran away. They skipped down or had been skinned alive, gun downed right in broad day light on the main street strip right outside the Saloon. No one dared go into the Saloon when the meanest of all outlaws came into town, Billy the tooth. The streets would empty out and the dust would settle. Women and children would cry while grown men shivered. He was called Billy the tooth because of his one last tooth.

Billy was the ugliest son of a gun that in the entire State of Texas. He was mean looking and he was even scarier in action. The fastest shot in the West and the most dangerous man in the world. When his gang stopped by they took over town and left when they pleased. With Sheriffs gone out of fear the town was theirs, Saloon owners would serve them Whiskey at every request. Homes would have to put the gangs up for the night often forcing the family to sleep in the barn out of fear for the children’s lives. The rowdiness would go on all night with drink after drink and gambling until dawn. Billy the tooth and his gang would courser around town. Well one day Billy found a town he just simply didn’t want to leave.

Now as the saying goes when in Rome do as Romans do. When an outsider comes they should know the rules of the West and that is the only law in the barrel of a gun. When someone from out of town stops by to visit the first thing they learn is that the gangs rule. That Billy was King and gang Sheriff. Well this wasn’t the case for Jim Smith of South Carolina.

Jim was a young southern man familiar with the country life. But what he was not familiar with was a lack order and civility that you found in Texas. He did not understand Western Law. So to him a gang of thugs had no meaning, no legit authority in his sense.

The day Jim came into town he almost lost his life. He picked a fight with the wrong man at the local Saloon, one of Billy’s henchmen. Jim was simply trying to defend a poor young lady was simply not interested any man of Billy’s gang. This cost him a few teeth. Billy the tooth came in right away to settle. “Hey stranger! Perhaps you are new around here. But let make this clear I make the rules in this town. I am the law! And what my men want they get!” Jim wasn’t going to take no for an answer, “I mean no harm or disrespect to you or your men but where I come we don’t treat a lady like that.” Billy showing his single tooth laughed “I guess I didn’t make myself clear. What we want we take! You want to know how I got left with this one tooth? Let me show you boy! Men show this hillbilly low-life to the door!” And out Jim went throw the door kicked to the street. The gang would not stop there they kicked and beat him, spat on him at every chance. Drawing blood and even a few teeth. Jim was badly beaten but his spirit had not been broken.

It was while being taken care of by the lovely young lady, Sarah Sue, whom he defended that Jim asked, “Why do you folks take this from such men?” Sarah Sue replied “Oh kind stranger, you are like a child. Do you not understand who this man is? He runs on the baddest meanest gangs in the West! He controls Texas! Bank robbers and thieves fear him and empty their pockets at gunpoint!” Jim didn’t care and he called upon all the men of the town to ask them where the Sheriff had gone. The men laughed for there had been no Sheriff for eight years now. The last sheriff they had was hung by a moving horse. That was when Jim Smith summoned up the courage and said, “Gentlemen of the Town with your permission I will assume the office of Sheriff.” The men’s jaws dropped. They felt if Jim was crazy enough to want to be Sheriff, let it be hold he was the new Sheriff in town.

It was a scorching day in the dessert town as the Saloon owner looked out his double wooden doors, “Oh Lord! It is High Noon!” Jim had barely dusted off his badge, within minutes of becoming Sheriff he would be defending the town. This was when Billy and his men would wake up to start their new day of trouble. The streets would clear and the village work came to a halt. Billy the tooth and gang walked down the streets in the shadow of the sun headed towards the Saloon. That is when Sheriff Jim would step out on the next into the dusty unpaved street still beaten up from the night before.

Billy takes one look at Jim. Jim stares back. Billy smiles with his one rotting tooth to utter a few words, “So I hear we have a new Sheriff in town.” Jim calm and cool gives it right back, “I believe you overextended your stay.” Billy laughs, “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us! I say it is either my way or yours. Let’s settle this fair like men, one shot a piece. You don’t have what it takes to go against the fastest draw in the West, do ya? I challenge you to a duel!” Sheriff Jim polishes off his gun, loads it. The Saloon owner hands him a shot as the local Reverend prays for his soul. Both men straighten out into a line take five steps back and turn around. A moments pause, dead silence as the sun sits still high in the sky. Billy the tooth makes the first move as he turns around gun drawn! But Sheriff Jim is a master tactician he has a plan. Jim swoops down to the ground sliding his feet before Billy can make a full turn, the bullet goes right over Jim’s head inches away! Jim has seconds to make a complete turn and from the ground takes one single shot fired right at Billy’s head! Bang! Billy the tooth is shot right in the head! The man is dead!

The town erupts in applause as the gang members run to their horse fearing for their lives! Every man clings to their gun with joy knowing the village is theirs again, they have nothing to fear as they fire upon the fleeing outlaws. Women come to kiss Sheriff Jim on the cheek as young boys salute him. The town has a new Sheriff. He is the last Sheriff and the West has been won.