The Japan Relief Effort Continues

On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit by one of the largest recorded earthquakes ever. This 9.0 magnitude quake resulted in a tsunami that wreaked havoc on this island nation which left in its wake mass devastation for the people of Japan to deal with.

Along with the thousands of casualties and missing individuals during this event, there have been millions of people left without homes or other necessities of life.

The caring nation of Japan has contributed to aid efforts for other nations, including in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when it hit the United States, and left many people without the means to recover. Many nations and organizations have joined forces to help in the relief efforts for Japan, and below are a list of many of those organizations. Jawa CEO Jason Hope also pledged funds to the Red Cross for relief efforts.

The American Red Cross can always be counted on to do what they can to help support those who have been touched with tragic events like the recent tsunami. They are at the present time offering their support and advice to the Japanese Red Cross as they determine with the assistance of the government what needs to be done for the people that are desperately in need of help.

You can do your part by donating to the American Red Cross as they provided the kind of support that is needed to put people’s lives back together after such disasters as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Save the Children is another American organization that has been working in the island nation of Japan since the mid 1980’s and have a goal of $5 million so that they can participate in the long term recovery process. They have recently launched the very first child friendly space in the nation of Japan. This unique environment is a safe place for children to play with others of their age while at the same time being supervised by caring adults who are trained in child care.

The Salvation Army has also added their expertise to the effort to help Japan recover, as part of the recovery process.

International Medical Corp is also a part of the recovery effort by delivering supplies to the area and helping to assess the needs of the individuals affected by the tsunami, and they are also helping to identify the communities that are still in need of support.

Americares has added their expertise to the list of other organizations that are doing what they can to help the citizens of Japan recover. They began to mobilize their team and send out its response manager’s just hours after the first reports started coming in about the two disasters that hit Japan.

As they maintain contact with officials in the area they are also helping to deliver supplies as well as medicines to shelters and hospitals that are taking care of the needs of the survivors of this horrendous event.

Other organizations are also joining in the efforts to help Japan as it finds its way back from the tragedy that so recently struck.