COMMENTARY ] It was truly amazing. I was watching Trump blow hot air about how he’s so proud of himself and he’s so magnificent one minute, then the next, I see Obama on the TV talking about his birth certificate.

In one five minute sound bite Obama managed to kill the birther movement (I hope), call Trump a “Carnival Barker” and at the same time elevate him as a possible Presidential candidate. It was the most Presidential moment I have seen out of Obama in… I can’t even remember when.

The GOP can not underestimate the President. He is smarter than Donald Trump would lead you to believe. And if you guys don’t wise up, and fast, you are going to loose to him in November 2012.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I like Donald Trump, think he’s a real smart businessman. And I like that he is going after Obama, I just don’t like his subject matter. I don’t care who wrote the President’s first book, I don’t care if his grades weren’t good enough to get into Yale, Harvard or any other Ivy league school, and I sure didn’t care about this birther business. And the American people shouldn’t care about these matters either. I do care about the direction he’s taking this Country, his failed (and non-existent) policies, his poor leadership ability, and his flip-flopping on issues. The people who elect our next President will want to know how he or she will fix our Country. The budget, spending, jobs, gas prices and the economy (just too mention a few) are what matters right now!

If the Republican Party doesn’t get it’s act together, and start going after Obama on the issues, they will hand him the election on a silver platter. Quit letting Mr. Trump set the tone. Get him off the stump, whatever it takes. Find a voice and use it to hammer home your agenda. If you can’t accomplish this, then the next “important issue” I will be hearing about will be his grades – and I just can’t take that.

There are too many important issues facing our great Nation. We the people need real leadership at this time in our history. As a current or former Republican Representative, Senator, Governor or even local elected official, you can not sit on the side lines and watch as Obama and his re-election machine keeps Mr. Trump in the game. If you do then you are playing into his hands. You must come together as a political party and get in this game. Whomever runs against Obama next fall will surely appreciate what you do here and now. Don’t let that person down.

Final thought: This Country deserves better than what the Republican party is doing right now. Obama started up his re-election bid early for a reason. He will be out there setting his agenda and telling the American people what they want to hear, he’s very good at that. Don’t hand him this election. We need to change the direction of our Country, and the only way to do that is defeat him in the next election.